Rough Rider Wall



Limitazioni per l'accesso ereditato da Homestead

The area between gate 2 and 3 is private land, please behave respectfully!


Walk into the canyon until you find a well marked path going up right once you see the wall. The lower wall is on the right on the way up. There is a fixed rope on the right that leads to Karma cave.

Etica ereditato da Homestead

When visiting and climbing at the Homestead, please help to maintain the climber trails used to access the climbing and along the base of the walls. Do a little bit of work each time you come and before you know it there will be well-defined and easy to maneuver and follow trails for all to benefit from.

If you choose to add routes to the area, please do your part to continue the Homestead tradition and use good hardware when equipping your routes. Plan your bolt placements to use solid sections of rock and to allow for minimal rope drag. All routes should have lowering anchors at the end of the routes and dangerously loose rock should be removed from the routes. To date there has been no chipping or gluing at the crag. Please keep it that way.

Thanks to Louie Anderson for providing all the info!!


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Grado Via

FA: Fazio-Rhicard & Ruljancich

FA: Cornick, Bigio & Fazio-Rhicard

FA: SA & JH, Apr 2013

FA: SA & DC, Nov 2013

FA: SA, TB & JH, Dic 2013

FA: SA & DC, 2012

FA: SA & JH, 2012

FFA: SA & JH, 2012

FA: SA, EH & CK, 2011

FA: SA, 2011

FA: SA, 2011

FA: Fazio-Rhicard, Brown & Schultz, 2012

Hard to read sequences on good rock.

FA: Fred

FA: Fazio-Rhicard, Hadap & Ruljancich, 2012

Shares start with Wild Woozy.

FFA: Fazio-Rhicard & Schultz, 2012

FA: MC, LAn & SA, 2010

FA: SA, 2011

FA: SA & DW, 2011

FA: SA, AZ & C, 2010

FA: SA & MC, 2010

FA: Fazio-Rhicard, Scott & Brown

Gradual increase in difficulty.

FA: Rosholt

Cryptic start to bulge to desperate finish

FA: Rosholt

Extension to Semi-Bluff.

FA: Fazio-Rhicard & Scott


FA: Serrat-Capdevilla & Fazio-Rhicard, 2011

FA: Rosholt

FA: SA, CK & TB, 2010

FA: SA, JH & M, 2010

Direct Start

FA: Serrat-Capdevilla & Fazio-Rhicard

FA: SA, TB & MH, 2010


FA: SA & GK, 2012

FA: SA & AS, 2012

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