Vie in New Hampshire

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Grado Via Stile equipaggiamento Popolarità Falesia
Anno sconosciuto
V0+ Satan's half sister Ali Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.7 The Crack Trad 24m Brown's Ridge
5.7 Pete's Tree Right Trad Pawtuckaway State Park
5.14a Cold War

Linkup of 'Barracuda' into 'Urban Surfer'

Sportiva Rumney
V6 Ride The Lightning Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.10d The Perfect Egg Drop
Corda dall'alto 14m Rumney
V4 Hobbit Direct Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.7 PG13 Starboard Drift
Trad 14m Rumney
V5 The Runaway Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.11a Prudential Off-Width
Trad 11m Rumney
5.12 Joker Sconosciuto Pickledish
5.10- Forest Fire Sconosciuto Manchester
5.10d Barefoot Boys With Shoes On
Sportiva 11m Rumney
5.11b Stone Free Trad Woodchuck Ledge
5.8 Schwarze Weissnergrat
Sportiva 14m Rumney
5.10a Numb from the Waist Down Trad Profile Cliff
VB Crocs
Boulder 5m Rumney
5.10b White Owl Sconosciuto Owl's Head
V7/8 Miley Cilley
Boulder 5m Rumney
V8 Certain Frequency
Boulder 3m Rumney
V3 PG13 Katmai Disaster
Boulder 3m Rumney
5.3 Far Right Chunky Crack Trad 5m Pickledish
5.12c Restless


FFA: Ted Hammond, 1990

Sportiva 8 Rumney
V3 The Sitting Start Boulder 2m Route 11 Boulder
5.11b The Dingy
Sportiva Rumney
5.9 R Pachyderm Trad 15m Crawford Notch
5.8 Hattie's Garden Trad 37m Crawford Notch
5.11c Iron Man

Extension of Know Ethics

FA: Jay Golden & Bradley White

Sportiva Rumney
V0 Triangle Face Boulder 8m Sundown Ledge
5.11d Machine Head
Sportiva Rumney
5.11a Scorpian Arête Trad 21m Sundown Ledge
5.11d Pulse
Sportiva 12m, 4 Rumney
5.7 Friday's Friend Trad 69m, 2 Rainbow Slabs
V2 Pinkerton Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.6 Erosion Groove Trad 61m Lost Ledge
V2 Black Widow Action Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.8 City Of Lost Children Trad 76m, 2 Table Mountain
V1 The Swirley Warm Up Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.8 R No Name Trad 120m, 3 Mount Huntington
5.9 Double Vee Trad Cathedral Ledge
5.12a/b Butolicious Sportiva 30m Owl's Cliff
5.10a The Missing Link Trad Cathedral Ledge
5.10c PG13 Mountain Minor Trad 35m, 2 Green's Cliff
5.10b The Slot Trad Cathedral Ledge
V3 Jam Crack Boulder 8m Franconia Notch
5.7 II Sea Of Holes Trad Whitehorse Ledge
5.5 PG13 Chimney Blocks Trad 12m Indian Head Cliff On Mt. Pemigewasset
5.11a III Science Friction Wall Trad Whitehorse Ledge
5.7 R Muir Trad 240m, 8 Cannon Cliff
5.12b Eyeless In Gaza Sportiva Sundown Ledge
5.8 Tip Trip Trad 27m Cannon Cliff
5.11 V VMC Direct Alpinistica Cannon Cliff
5.10+ Vmc Direct Direct Trad 240m, 9 Cannon Cliff
5.12a/b New Blood Trad 15m Humphrey's Ledge
5.11a/b Move It Or Lose It Sportiva 15m Humphrey's Ledge
5.11- Machina Ex Deus Trad 27m Band M Ledge
V0 Placue Face
Boulder Rumney
5.12a/b PG13 Indian Summer Trad 30m Whitehorse Ledge
V0+ Crystal Face
Boulder Rumney
5.9 Raising The Roof Trad 76m, 3 Cathedral Ledge
V0 The Long Trail
Boulder Rumney
5.12b/c R Armaggedon Trad Cathedral Ledge
V1 Cilley Flakes
Boulder Rumney
5.9 Lookout Crack Trad 9m Cathedral Ledge
5.3 Iron Arch Trad 35m Iron Mountain
5.12d Wild Blue Yonder

FA: Ward Smith (05/96)

Sportiva 6 Rumney
5.8 Good For The Soul Trad 18m CMC Crag
WI3+ Standard Route

The most popular moderate climb at Frankenstein and likely in all of New Hampshire. The normal ascent line climbs up the center to a belay from bolts in the right hand cave. Second pitch climbs the steep central wall to bulges. Third pitch wanders up and left to trees or climbs a steep wall (WI4). Walk right (north) to walk off.

Su ghiaccio 100m, 3 Crawford Notch
5.9 Lost Boys Sportiva 15m Attitash
WI4 Chockstone Chimney Su ghiaccio Crawford Notch
5.11c Red Tag Arête Sportiva 18m Jackson Crag
5.10b Fish Corner

On the right of Anchovy Caper, climb in the dihedral now protected by a lower bolt. Start on a crimp with good footholds and toss to a jug on the right to get up the dihedral. Then easier climbing up to the anchor.

Sportiva 14m Rumney
5.9 Rumple Killskin Trad 9m Hall's Ledge
V4 Snicker Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.4 Old Broad's Birthday Bash Trad 140m, 3 Pine Mountain
5.7 Unknown 4a

Eliminate of 'Unknown 4'.

Boulder Manchester
5.7 Blueberry Crack Trad 27m Bryant Ledge
5.6 Nibroc Trad 30m Mount Forist
V6 Diamond Cutter Boulder 3m Kinsman Notch East
5.10b/c I'Ve Gotta Crow! Sportiva 24m Lost River Crags
V3 Sick Man Says "Barf"
Boulder Rumney
5.7 Oscar Mayer Trad 27m Zealand Valley
5.11+ R Spare Ribs Trad 150m, 4 Owl's Head
V1 Brain Supreme Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
5.10d Cannery Row
Sportiva 30m, 16 Rumney
V2 Mrs. Lovett Boulder 5m Pawtuckaway State Park
5.10b Amore Eel
Sportiva 15m, 4 Rumney
V9 Giving Up Skin For The New Year Boulder Pawtuckaway State Park
V3/4 Uss Cyclops Boulder 3m Waterville Valley
V1/2 Folded Ducks Boulder 3m Pawtuckaway State Park
V3 Vacation Station Boulder 5m Waterville Valley
V9 Chuckie's Torture Boulder 5m Pawtuckaway State Park
V5 Bitter Smile Stand Boulder Waterville Valley
V4 Didjabringabeeralong Boulder 12m Pawtuckaway State Park
5.8 The Road to Nowhere Trad 21m Waterville Valley
V3 Sand Wedge Boulder 3m Pawtuckaway State Park
V3 No Glasses Needed Boulder 2m Waterville Valley
5.7 Locomotive Breath Trad 9m Pawtuckaway State Park
5.10 Butt Scum Trad 21m Waterville Valley
V4 Busted Boulder 2m Pawtuckaway State Park
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