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Grado Via Stile equipaggiamento Popolarità
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ten Pins
{AU} V5 Tick or Tie Boulder
V5 Popeye Boulder
V5 Mariachi Boulder
V5 Beach Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ghetto Superstar
{AU} V5 Mulletino b Boulder
V5 Drip Boulder
V5 Mulletino Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Front Slabs
V5 Hammerhead Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mortal Combat
V5 Slag Boulder
V5 Roll Out Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Turtle Head
V5 Slush Puppy Boulder
V5 Red Lobster Boulder
V5 New Sensation Boulder 3m
V5/6 Old Inspiration. Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Millipede
V5 Centerpede Boulder
V5 wasteland Boulder
{AU} V5 Hercules Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Roadside
V5 Crisifix

A really awkward problem involving putting yourself into a crucified position to send. It's right by the campsites with a 90 degree roof that you start under on two big crimps. Then you work your way to then end of the roof and swing on it to get an easy top out.

Boulder 2m
V5 leas problem Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Slider
V5 Paper and Plastic Boulder
V5 Leprechaun Boulder
V5 Thumbalina Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 High Life
V5 Brawn Boulder
V5 High Life Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Vandala Boulder
V5 Creeper Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mulletino Boulder.
V5 Groveler Boulder 3m
V5 Wrong Long Boulder 5m
V5 Variation Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Deck Area/Front Slabs
V5 Jumper Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Spirit Area
V5 Stretching Outlaw Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Warning Signs Boulder
V5/6 Warning Signs Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Natural Boulder
V5 Silvey Jumper Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Slabolicious Block
V5 Team Chattanooga Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Landslide Boulders
V5 6 to 3 Boulder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Whiplash Boulders
V5 Whiplash Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Flat Roof Boulder
V5 Stretch Armstrong Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Light Post Boulders
V5 Smile and Recieve Boulder 6m
V5 I hate Cops Boulder 6m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Small Stage Boulder
V5 Unknown V5 Boulder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Suspicion Boulders
V5 Ivy Man Boulder 3m
Alabama Steele
5.12 project on Wolf Wall Sportiva 23m
Alabama Palisades Park
5.12 Tinkerbell Corda dall'alto 18m
5.12 April Fools Corda dall'alto
Alabama Sandrock
V5 Reeds Eliminate

FA: Maurice Reed

Boulder 10m
5.12b Sandrewf

Last route on the right of Holiday Block (parking lot side), just to the left of Cinco De Mayo (around the corner). There is enough space early on for a .1 and/or .2 cam to protect the crux under the roof. No anchors. Recommend building a top rope anchor off the massive horns at the top.

Trad mista 15m, 1
Alabama Sandrock Fireplace Rock
V5 Chinese Water Torture
Boulder 6m
Alabama Sandrock The Hole
V5/6 Eclipse
Boulder 5m
5.12c Vicious
Sportiva 11m
Alabama Sandrock Sun Wall
5.12b Lip Service
Sportiva 23m
5.12b Whammy
Sportiva 21m
5.12b Liquid Spirit
5.12b/c Pretty Vacant
5.12c PG13 Nothingness
Sportiva 15m
5.12c/d Dreamworld
Sportiva 23m
Alabama Sandrock Turtle Rock
5.12b Antidote
Sportiva 11m
5.12b Access Denied
5.12a/b Pygmy
Sportiva 9m
5.12 unknown white rock route
Sportiva 15m
Alabama Sandrock The Islands
5.12c The Peanut
5.12b Thin's Daddy
Sportiva 9m
Alabama Sandrock Grotto
5.12b Crimps Ahoy
Sportiva 11m
5.12c/d Fierce
5.12c/d Champagne Jam
Alabama Griffin Falls
5.12b Steeplechase Sportiva 18m
Alabama Jamestown
5.12c Full Frontal
Alabama Jamestown White Wall
5.12a/b White Lightning Trad 12m
Alabama Little River Canyon Lizard Wall
5.12b/c Dark Star Sportiva 5
5.12b/c Permatorque Sportiva 7
5.12c Short Doug Sportiva 4
5.12b Robyn's Route Sportiva 6
5.12c/d Long Doug Sportiva 10
5.12b/c Snake Sportiva 5
5.12b/c Gecko Sportiva 7
5.12b/c Supplication Sportiva 5
5.12c Elevator Door Sportiva 6
5.12b Bertha Sportiva
5.12c Distorto Sportiva
5.12b Estrella Oscura Sportiva 21m
Alabama Little River Canyon Jungle Gym
5.12b Greystoke


Sportiva 6
5.12b Tusk Sportiva 6
5.12 Rambling Ring Snake Trad
5.12b Bushwhack


Sportiva 5
5.12b Black Mamba Sportiva 6
5.12b Jungle Fever Sportiva 5
5.12b Tarzan


Sportiva 7
5.12b Boy

FA: Mark Cole

Sportiva 6
5.12c Rumble in the Jungle

FA: Jake Slaney

Sportiva 6
5.12b Lion

FA: Dave Shewell

Sportiva 6
5.12b Monkey Tails Sportiva 3
5.12 Maurice's Crack Trad
Alabama Little River Canyon Unshackled
5.12b Movie Star Sportiva 14m
Alabama Little River Canyon Crazy House
5.12b demented
5.12b straight jacket
5.12c solitary confinment
Alabama Little River Canyon Tourist Wall The Crazy House
5.12b Escapee Sportiva 18m
5.12b Nurse Ratchet Sportiva 15m
Alabama Little River Canyon Toomsuba
5.12b/c Two Minute Hate Sportiva
5.12c Take Sportiva
5.12c Majosha Sportiva 18m
5.12c Double Aught Sportiva 17m
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