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Reunion Rock
Reunion Rock
6A Loose flake

The flake high up is really loose, be careful!

6B Crimps
6B+ Tower direct
6A+ Aapakaaq arête

sit start

6B+ M'Bie

sit start

5+ Zip Line

sit start

5+ Around the corner

sit start

4 Feet'UP
3 Downclimb
4 Shelfs
4+ Heel'up
4+ Shorts

sit start

5+ Traverse start corner
6A+ Traverse around

All around the block, start at 'Traverse start corner'

Block NN1
Block NN1
3 NN1

Easy warmup

Dr. Stozle

Sit start with left hand on a big pinch and right hand wherever can fit. There is a good hold up to the right. Then a hard top trying to stay on the left.

Block NN2
Block NN2
6A Uluru's revenge

Sit start with both hands on rounded ledge, hook right and top out straight above.

5+ The Bureaucrat
  1. Fun climb, perfect crack at the beginning od pitch leads to bigger blocks. Good pro placements, some loose areas

  2. Scrambling on grass/rock slope. Poor pro, loose rocks.

  3. So so climbing, interesting move to anchor. Several solid pro, be mindful of traverse rope drag.

  4. Good exposure, follow crack and enjoy the view. Semi-good pro, flaky/crumbling rock.

  5. Airy slap traverse to scramble exit. Semi-good pro, crumbling rock, slippery when wet.

Descent: Head right and follow green hiking trail down to lake.

Gear: Full rack of cams and nuts, slings / extenders, several 240cm slings.

Tutti 23 nodi visualizzati.

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