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Win one of three autographed „Two Potatoes in Laos“ books by Tanja Weidner, the book about the history of the world-famous Green Climbers Home Climbing Camp in Laos. Upload your best climbing pictures with the hashtag #potatoe on theCrag - preferably from Laos - and look forward to Tanja's book! The users who upload the best pictures (as judged by theCrag team) before October 30th, 2021 will each receive one of three hand-signed books (in German or English if desired).

About the book

It was supposed to be an ordinary trip around the world ...

... but this ended with two people from Cologne setting up a climbing camp in Laos.

From the difficulties of emigrating to one of the least developed countries in Asia, from ridiculous events and funny situations, from grueling circumstances and catastrophic setbacks and from the emotional stress to the pain threshold that should not be underestimated.

Oh yes, and the realization of how wonderful actually home is. Narrated in a light and easy style, with a lot of love, wit and irony as well as a large dollop of relentless honesty.


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