Upper sector of the center of the large rock face (South-facing).

접근 문제들 Rochers de Freyr으로부터 상속된

As crag maintenance and renting costs are borne by the local Club Alpin Belge (CAB), membership from a recognized climbing association is required (controls of membership cards are frequent).

Nederlandse klimmers die lid zijn van de NKBV hebben toegang op vertoon van hun lidkaart.

윤리문제 Rochers de Freyr으로부터 상속된

Setting up new routes or retro-bolting in the area is not allowed without permission of the CAB.

Please reduce your use of chalk to a minimum and remove tick marks when done.

Using trad gear to improve route safety is allowed.

Many routes in Freyr have a top-out finish - please do not install top ropes on these routes.

Rappelling down is only allowed in case of an emergency.

Freyr is situated in a designated Natura 2000 site. It's a nature reserve: the place is pretty clean, keep it that way or clean up any thrash you come across! Some routes can be tagged with a red-and-white ribbon, which means the endangered Peregrine Falcon nests along the route, so please don't climb that route that time.


루트 추가 그림안내지도 추가 재 주문 대용량 편집 변환된 등급
등급 루트

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1982

1 6a
2 6b

Set: J. Lecomte, 1956

Set: G. Daffe & F. Puissant, 1976

Set: J. Alzetta & R. De Backer

FFA: Pierre Masschelein, 1986

Set: J-M. Stembert, 1981

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1984

Set: J-M. Stembert, 1981

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1983

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1985

FFA: Pierre Masschelein, 1987

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1988

Variante du sortie au pilastre

FFA: J. de Schepper, 1981

Set: J-M. Stembert, 1981

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1983

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1986

FFA: Arnould t'Kint, 1986


Set: J. Fromentin, 1957

1 4b
2 6b
3 6c


Set: Droyer, Nadine Simandl & Jean Alzetta, 1958

FFA: J-C. Droyer, 1979

Set: Claudio Barbier & Nadine Simandl, 1957

Set: Claudio Barbier & C. Vande Maele, 1958

Set: Claudio Barbier & A. Lahaye, 1957

FFA: S. Van Sint Jan, 1985

FFA: B. Jacobs, 1983

FFA: Pierre Masschelein & M. Patout, 1988

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귀하가 등반한 등정들의 기록, 추적 그리고 공유할 수 있는 계정을 만들 수 있다는 것을 알고 계십니까? 수천명의 등반가들이 이미 이런 일들을 하고 있습니다.

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Author(s): Marc Bott, R. Beckers

일자: 2022

A comprehensive guidebook describing the sport climbing at Freyr, covering 640 routes from F3 to F8c+.

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