This white stone-mirror on the side of Jávor-hegy is unparalelled in Hungary.


There are about 20 well protected climbing routes on the 20m high, quite solid limestone cliff. Most of the routes are technically harder face-climbs, whit sharp edges, cracks and small holes. Also there are some easier arête climbs with exposed feelings and beautiful views. The routes' grades mostly reside between V and IX (UAII).

The crag has a unique microclimate. The south-facing, mirror-like, white limestone reflects back all the sunlight. On sunny days it is typically at least 5-10 degrees warmer than its surroundings. The place is way too hot during the Summer but ideal for late Autumn, Winter and early Spring outdoor climbing.

The Fehérkő lookout point is right at the very top of the crag. Watch out for falling objects thrown away from careless, ignorant tourists at the top!!!

For further details, topos and rules (only in Hungarian) see the local governing body's website: http://www.hszjse.hu/feher-ko


Coming from Miskolc, turn left at Lake Hamor within Lillafüred. There are plenty of parking spots around the base of the chair-lift (lillafüredi Libegőpark) and at the Lillafüredi Sport- és Kalandpark. From here it is about 30 minutes of uphill walk to the East following the meandering path in the woods (this uphill walking can be omitted by taking the chair-lift). Once you reach the top, turn to the left and head towards the Fehérkő view point. Just before exiting the woods onto the open view point, head down to the left on the steep meandering slope that takes you to the bottom of the cliff. In total it is about 40 minutes of walking to the crag from the parking spots in the valley.

GPS coordinates of the crag: N 48.096096, E 20.627253

숙박 장소

Plenty of apartments around Felsőhámor, Alsóhámor and Lillafüred.


For further details and rules (only in Hungarian) see the local governing body's website: http://www.hszjse.hu/feher-ko


루트 추가 그림안내지도 추가 재 주문 대용량 편집 변환된 등급
등급 루트

Starting point can be reached via 'Traverz'.

Starting point can be reached via 'Traverz'.

Natural continuation of the 'Alter Weg' route.


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