The crag consists of two adjacent freestanding outcrops of which only the northern hill has been developed, and this only partly on its West and North face. Bolting and logs courtesy effort of CAMP5, Kuala Lumpur.


By Car From KL via North-South-Highway; exit at Changlun to Kangar. From Kangar on Road 7 direction Padang Besar. After about 7km turn right at Beseri at a large T-Junction with Traffic Light; direction Mata Ayer. Shortly after crossing the Railway you reach another T-Junction (about 2km from first junction; just after a bridge; there is a large cement factory at the right hand side); here you head left direction Padang Besar. The crag appears at the right hand side after about 300m, standing in a padi field opposite a Mosque. A small dirt road directly leads to the foot of the rock, however, it is recommended to park the car further away or at the main road and walk the remaining 100m by feet.

By Train The trainstation Tasik Melati is just a stone throw away from the crag. If you arrive from Thailand, exit at Padang Besar and hire a taxi to Tasik Melati/Bukit Keteri. However the local train will stop at Tasik Melati itself.


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Bukit Keteri was pin-pointed and developed during the Mammut/Camp5 bolting expedition. The Crown Prince of Perlis and his Wife were the first to climb at this crag and hopefully with this gesture initiated a sustainable development of climbing in this part of Malaysia.


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