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Have you been dreaming of ever logging a 9a in your life?

Here's your chance: help managing our community managed profiles and get to tick the hardest climbs in the world, e.g. Burden of Dreams (9A).

Dominik Spain • Sport climber

Contas Gerenciadas pela Comunidade são marcadas com um emblema marrom. Como o nome diz, essas contas são gerenciadas por um membro da comunidade e não pelo respectivo usuário. O theCrag usa as Contas Gerenciadas pela Comunidade para documentar o histórico de escalada (por exemplo, documentar as primeiras subidas memoráveis ​​de um escalador específico, como [Wolfgang Güllich] (/climber/wguellich)) e conquistas significativas para o desempenho de escalada (por exemplo, as subidas mais difíceis de escaladores de alto desempenho).

The Community Account Moderator RoleVoltar a conteúdo

With the Community Account Moderator Role, you can log and edit ascents for all community-managed profiles, similar to how you log ascents for your own profile. This role allows the community to build a unique archive of significant ascents, contributing to climbing history.

Apply for the Community Account Moderator RoleVoltar a conteúdo

To help build the climbing history archive, you need to apply for the Community Account Moderator Role. Visit this dedicated area page and request editor permissions as you would for any other area. Follow this help section if you are unfamiliar with edit permissions. A strong editor history and a high karma level are required for this role. You will receive a confirmation email within a few days.

Log Ascents for Community Managed AccountsVoltar a conteúdo

Guidelines for Logging Notable Ascents and AchievementsVoltar a conteúdo

The goal is to document significant climbs and achievements to analyze climbing progression and recognize top performers of their time. This includes exceptionally challenging climbs for their era, milestones in climbing techniques, and significant efforts or innovative approaches. Noteworthy failed attempts are also important, as climbing is about the process as well as success. Community recognition and contributions that influence climbing styles should also be logged. This approach will help create a valuable resource for recognizing significant climbing achievements and understanding the sport's historical progression.

While you can earn karma points for logging ascents, this system is not meant to serve as a complete personal logbook service. Climbers are responsible for maintaining their own detailed logbook.

Swap RoleVoltar a conteúdo

To log ascents for Community Managed Accounts, you must switch from your default Standard User role to the Community Account Moderator Role:

  • Select “Swap Role” in the Administrator Section of your profile menu.
  • Choose the “Community Account Moderator Role.”
  • Agree to the terms upon your first switch.
  • Access useful links on the role dashboard.

Log AscentsVoltar a conteúdo

Navigate the index to find the route you want to log an ascent for. Use the same log ascent UI as you would for your own ascents, with one difference: the “With” field is replaced with a “For Community Account” selector.

the replaced 'with' for community account selection and 'climbed with'

  • Select a community-managed account as the first entry in this multi-selection field.
  • Optional additional climbers (selected accounts or free text names) will be interpreted as normal “climbed with” input.
  • Fill in all available information about the ascent but do not infringe any copyrights.
  • Select the first ascent tag if applicable.
  • Submit the data with the “log ascent” button.
  • An error message will appear if you did not select a Community Managed Account as the first entry.
  • You can select multiple routes to log many ascents in the same sector.
  • Similar to logging your own ascents, some form data is stored and prefilled for the next ascent.

Earn Karma and RecognitionVoltar a conteúdo

When an ascent is created, two stream events are generated: one for the ascent itself in the name of the community-managed account, and another acknowledging your account and contribution to the climbing history archive. Karma is granted for each ascent, benefiting you in various ways: see how.

Edit Logged AscentsVoltar a conteúdo

If you made an error or wish to enhance an existing ascent for any community-managed profile, you can edit or delete the ascents on the ascent detail page, accessible via the context menu in each ascent listing.

Swap Back to Standard User RoleVoltar a conteúdo

When you are done logging data for community-managed accounts, switch back to the Standard User role to log your own ascents again.

How Ascents of Community Managed Profiles are IntegratedVoltar a conteúdo

Ascents of community-managed profiles are similar to publicly logged ascents of any user. They appear on the profile page of the climbers and contribute to statistics like performance charts and grade pyramids. These ascents also show up in the area streams of the respective climbing area. If you mark areas as your favorite or follow the community-managed profile, the ascents will appear in your private timeline on your dashboard. The latest hard ascents of elite climbers are integrated into the Climbing World Rankings based on the Climber Performance Rating (CPR). You can filter for ascents of community-managed accounts using our faceted search. For example, see all the latest boulder flashes of community-managed accounts in Fontainebleau here.

How to create a Community Managed AccountVoltar a conteúdo

Community Managed Accounts can only be created by site admins. If you feel we are missing an important climber, please follow these steps so we can start collecting significant achievements for this climber:

  1. Ensure the climber does not already have a personal account on theCrag or a community-managed profile.

  2. Email support@thecrag.com with detailed information, including sources and license data:

    • Full name
    • a detailed text describing the climber, emphasizing the significance for the climber's history
    • A possible profile picture
    • Links to webpages or social media profiles

Please be aware that it can take a few days to create the account as we review all pictures and descriptions for copyright compliance.

Claim the Ownership of a Community Managed ProfileVoltar a conteúdo

If you are the real climber behind a community-managed profile and want to log your ascents exclusively on your own publicly, contact us via support@thecrag.com, and we will be happy to assign the account to you.

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