There are plenty of reasons to record your ascents and keep a climbing logbook, you may read about them in the Ticking and logbook article.

theCrag offers you to choose from the greatest selection of tick types on the web, allows you to change the gear style of your ascent and you may even record ascent parameters such as the use of knee pads, pre-clipped protection or an ecopoint journey to your crag to make your records as complete as possible.

Logging multi-pitch ascentsVoltar a conteúdo

Multi-pitch ascents may be recorded in the same way as single-pitch ascents. However, theCrag allows you to record individual pitch information.

In case that the route you are ticking is a multi pitch route, the system presents you a “Pitches” section just below the Tags section. {image}

In case you haven’t climbed all pitches, use the “Climbed pitches” slider to remove unclimbed pitches.

Expand each pitch to record the ascents gear style, tick type, who lead the pitch (selections are populated from the “Who with” field), comments, grade and length for each individual pitch.

Editing or Deleting AscentsVoltar a conteúdo

You can edit or delete your own ascents after having recorded them.

  • Navigate to the ascent via your logbook, your stream, the search form, or straight from the route page via the ascent counter link.
  • Once the specific ascent is located, use the side Menu “Edit ascent”. This will open the Log Ascent form with all fields available when logging the ascent initially.
  • Once the necessary fields are modified, click “Log Ascent”, you are done.
  • On the same edit page and in the context menus is the “Delete ascent” button. The deletion will require you to confirm again, so you don't lose data by accident.

When editing ascents recorded with the former Log Ascent menu it will open in the old form. If you want to edit them using the current Log Ascent options navigate to the ascents details page (select “View this ascent” from the context menu) and click on “New Edit”.

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