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Heraion Lake

Heraion Lake has two beautiful sectors with slabs and vertical limestone walls and easier routes graded from 5a-6c. All routes are equipped with Lappas glue in bolts and are perfect for beginners or recreational climbers who want to combine other lake activities with climbing.

Heraion Lake
Elephant 🐘

Wonderful sunny scenery crag with short approach and excellent bolting.

The approach is less than 5 minutes and the base of the wall is kids friendly. But still, the climbing area is new, and like everywhere in nature, some stones might fall off (especially routes 1-3), so be careful and wear a helmet.

Heraion Lake Elephant 🐘
6c+ The Lake

The longest route at the crag. Nice with a sharp boulder in the middle. Don't climb too far to the left in diedral, where the rock is breaky

6b Grill Bill
6a+ Hera
5c Aron
6a Anja
6a Thyme Out
5c Madas Bay
6a+ Klemen
6b Vizija Ostaja
6a+ Lido Beach
6a Ypanema
Heraion Lake Elephant 🐘 Trad
5+ Skiron
5+ No name yet

1+2 pitch 19/02/23 nikos, stamos. 3 pitch 11/03 nikos, stamos, nikos. New 1+4 pitch 19/03 nikos, stamos, nikos

4+ Avramopoulou - Kladi
6+ Avramopoulou - Kladi
7+ Diskoli Eksodos
Heraion Lake

In case of a strong cold north wind, when you don't even want to leave home, Lighthouse sector provides perfect shelter you can enjoy on the sun and forget about the wind.

Nice wall in tranquill area with good new rough rock. Westfacing, morning shade until noon.

Heraion Lake Lighthouse
5b Blue Dream
5c Wafl Boy
6b LTO
6a+ Inner Zebra 🦓
6a/a+ Lepa Rita
Kefalari Area

Kefalari Village

Kefalari Area
Kefalari Area Asprokampos
Asprokampos main
Kefalari Area Asprokampos Asprokampos main
6c Astrapogiannos
6b Mademoiselle
6c+ Machiavelli
5b Maestro Torelli (part 1)
8a Maestro Torelli
5c Thanassis Sotiropoulos (part 1)
8a Thanassis Sotiropoulos
8a Balthazar
7b Veggos
8a Kala Krasia
7b Evdemon
7a Crazy birds
6b Crazy birds ext.
6c Mountain fish
6c+ Phillio
6b Aitheras
8a Strofylia
7a+ Sly fox
7b+ Aeriko
7b+ Mortis
6c+ Ethos
7a Sweet Rozy
Kefalari Area Asprokampos
Aspri Voula

Path start marker 37.882611 22.564111

Kefalari Area Asprokampos Aspri Voula
6a Nicolas
6a+ Blood Moon
6b Papanikas
6a Gavrias
6a Aspri Voula
6a Bizios
6a Terroir
5c The Element of Style
6b+ Vangelis
6c Blade Runner
6a Theofanis - Ermis

Common start with Tempus Fugit

7a+ Theofanis - Ermis ext.
6c+ Tempus Fugit
Kefalari Area Asprokampos
Mavri Trypa
Kefalari Area Asprokampos Mavri Trypa
5b+ Black Hole
5c Heart of Darkness
5c Grammeno Lithari
5c Great Expectations
6a Antonis Sykaris
6b Sinatra
6b Leviathan
5c Republic
Kefalari Area

The new field is located on the left of the Mylos. At 15 jul sun after 1:30 Gagarin, 12.30 Interstellar

Kefalari Area Astra
7a Hyperion
7b Solaris
6c+ Phoenix
6b+ Saturn V
6a+ Skylab
5c+ Gemini
6a Make Make
6a Grew Dragon
5c Soyuz
5b Gagarin
5c Atlas
6a+ Titan
7c Discovery
6b Pocketmania
6a Picasso Lichens
6a Starship

Over bolted. Bolt every 1.5m. destroyed hawk nests.

6a+ Sputnik
6a Interstellar
6b Galileo
6c+ Space Salad
Kefalari Area
Kefalari Area Frygani
Whole Sector
Frygani Main

Frygani is a large limestone and conglomerate vertical wall, similar to the legendary Meteora cliffs but, in fact, the rock is significantly more solid and with features in abundance (pockets, holes, and flakes). Another important difference: the bolting in Frygani is much denser!

Kefalari Area Frygani Frygani Main
5c In the Shadow of Dourdouvana

Mostrando 1 - 100 de 282 nodes.

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