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Author(s): Luis Alfonso

Data: 2016

ISBN: 9788493952358

A selective guidebook describing the multi-pitch rock climbing at Montrebei (Mont Rebei) in the foothills of the Pyrenees near Pont de Suert, with many routes between 150m and 400m long.

Setores: Congosto de Montrebei

Author(s): Javier Magallon

Data: 2023

Climbing guidebook for traditional multi-pitch routes in Teruel - 220 classic routes in total

Setores: Teruel

Author(s): Maria Torres, Victor Fernandez, and Carlos Logroño

Data: 2019

ISBN: 9788469750469

A definitive guidebook describing all the rock climbing, sport climbing and bouldering at Rodellar across 44 different sectors, covering many 100’s of routes.

Setores: Rodellar

Author(s): Chema Agustín and Miguel Carasol

Data: 2018

ISBN: 9788498294149

A comprehensive guidebook describing the rock climbing at Riglos, near Huesca in the foothills of the Pyrenees, covering over 500 routes

Setores: Riglos

Author(s): R. Palmer

Data: 2021

ISBN: 9788461730575

A comprehensive guidebook describing the bouldering at Albarracin and Bezas, covering over 2,300 boulder problems in 21 different sectors at Albarracin, plus over 600 problems in 12 different sectors at Bezas.

Setores: Albarracín , Bezas

Author(s): T. Pretel, J. Monterde, and D. Gimeno

Data: 2016

ISBN: 9788498292510

A comprehensive guidebook describing the fantastic sandstone bouldering at Albarracin, covering 15 different sectors and over 1,600 problems across a wide range of grades.

Setores: Albarracín

Mostrando os 6 publications.

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