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Author(s): Luis Alfonso

Data: 2019

ISBN: 9788493952389

A selective guidebook describing the multi-pitch routes in the Montsec Mountains in the Lleida region of Spain around Ager, Canelles and El Doll with grades between F5 and F6c.

Setores: Mirador del Montsec

Author(s): Joan Escuer and Jordi Marmolejo

Data: 2014

ISBN: 9788461676675

A selective guidebook covering 200 multi-pitch limestone routes at Mont-Roig, which is near Camarasa and Balaguer in the Lleida area of Spain.

Setores: Mont Roig

Author(s): L. Alfonso

Data: 2017

ISBN: 9788493952365

A comprehensive Guidebook for the Barcelona area in the south and west of the city - 47 areas - the majority of the routes are sporty single pitches.

Setores: Catalan coastal ranges north

Author(s): David Brascò & N. Campillo

Data: 2023

ISBN: 9788409472536

A definitive guidebook coversing the rock climbing and sport climbing at Siurana, in the Sierra de Prades Mountains, detailing over 2,000 routes across a wide range of grades (F3 to F9b+).

Setores: Siurana

Author(s): Pete O'Donovan & Dani Andrada

Data: 2023

ISBN: 9780956700667

A selective guidebook describing the sport climbing in the Sierra de Prades Mountains, covering Siurana, Margalef, Montsant, La Riba, Els Cogullons, El Penitent, Mont-ral, La Mussara, Vilanova de Prades, Arbolí, and Masriudoms.

Setores: Costa Daurada

Author(s): Pete O'Donovan and Dani Andrada

Data: 2019

ISBN: 9780956700650

A selective guidebook describing the sport climbing in the province of Lleida to the west of Barcelona and stretching into the Pyrenees, covering 22 different areas and almost 3,900 routes from F3 to F9. The 22 areas covered are Camarasa, St Llorenc de Montgai, Cubells, Alos de Balaguer, La Pauta, Santa Ana, Os de Balaguer, Tartareu, Santa Linya, Ager, Terradets, Vilanova de Meia, Abella de la Conca, Collegats, Oliana, Coll de Nargo, Perles, Canelles, Figols, Tres Ponts, Cavallers, and La Cova de Juncosa.

Setores: Central Outer Pyrenees , Camarasa

Author(s): Runar Carlsen and Lin Veronica Wagelid

Data: 2015

ISBN: 9788299776967

A selective guidebook describing the sport climbing at Montgrony and other crags near Ripoll and Berga in northern Catalunya, covering over 500 routes.

Setores: Montgrony

Author(s): Vicent Palau and Maya Ayupova

Data: 2022

ISBN: 9788469761779

A comprehensive guidebook describing 1,678 sport routes in the Margalef valley from F4 to F9b+.

Setores: Margalef

Author(s): Josep E. Castellnou Ribau and Fina Ferret

Data: 2015

A selective guidebook describing over 1,000 of the very best routes found at Montserrat on great conglomerate rock, across a wide range of grades.

Setores: Montserrat

Mostrando os 9 publications.

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