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Author(s): Miguel Blanco

Data: 2020

ISBN: 9788409202331

A comprehensive guidebook covering 18 main crags in the Alt Urgell region of northern Catalunya, near Andorra. The crags covered are Peramola, Oliana, Espluvins, Coll de Boixols, Valldarques, Sallent, Coniller, Coll de Nargo, Organya, Fontanella, Tres Ponts, Nyus, Arseguel, Figols, Narieda, Canelles, Perles, and Ainya.

Setores: Central Outer Pyrenees

Author(s): Pete O'Donovan and Dani Andrada

Data: 2019

ISBN: 9780956700650

A selective guidebook describing the sport climbing in the province of Lleida to the west of Barcelona and stretching into the Pyrenees, covering 22 different areas and almost 3,900 routes from F3 to F9. The 22 areas covered are Camarasa, St Llorenc de Montgai, Cubells, Alos de Balaguer, La Pauta, Santa Ana, Os de Balaguer, Tartareu, Santa Linya, Ager, Terradets, Vilanova de Meia, Abella de la Conca, Collegats, Oliana, Coll de Nargo, Perles, Canelles, Figols, Tres Ponts, Cavallers, and La Cova de Juncosa.

Setores: Central Outer Pyrenees

Mostrando os 2 publications.

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