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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Perth Avon Valley National Park Bald Hill
14 Corner Shop Trad 8m
14 Moondance

Came to Avon for adventure? Forget Sundance, get a group of friends, take the harnesses off and head up for a team ascent of this instead. From the start of 'Fresh Meat', head into the small cave and into a chimney adventure inside the crag. Squeeze your way up between the boulders, doing your best not to get stuck (best not stop for donuts on the drive up) and exit at the very top of the cliff. You wont regret it!

FA: Evan Gaudet, Ben Camer-Pesci & Michael B, 15 Jun

Trad 12m
16 Fresh Meat Trad 8m
17 Body-jammer Trad 10m
21 Sundance Crack

A classic Peth jamming crack. A tough start leads to pleasant jamming. Take small to medium cams and nuts.

Trad 12m
Perth Avon Valley National Park Emu Creek Wall
11 Standard Layback Lesson One Trad 6m
16 Freestone Valley Mixed trad 14m, 1
21 Redline Mixed trad 14m, 2
20 Black Flag Mixed trad 14m, 2
18 Bone Machine Mixed trad 14m, 3
18 Eliminator Trad 15m
12 Tom's Line Trad 15m
14 Happy Daze Mixed trad 12m, 1
Perth Walyunga National Park Jumperkine Hill
13 Truly Cherished Children
Trad 20m
16 Where Were All the Hard Men
Trad 20m
16 Entrée
Trad 20m
14 Illusions of Grandeur
Trad 20m
19 Scottish Grandeur
Trad 20m
14 Skinny Dip
Trad 18m
Perth Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry Entrance Quarry
16 Tools of the Trade

Very loose rock on second half of climb. Natural anchor.

Trad 13m
19 Ghost Pillar
Trad 15m
Perth Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry Main Quarry
26 The Ugly Duck That Never Grew Up
Trad 15m
16 Krakaddiction
Trad 30m, 2
21 Fun With Meat

Needs cams to protect top.

Mixed trad 12m, 3
18 Wired Up Crack

The crack to the left of Toddler's Delight. Follow the crack up and the left near the top towards the DBB. Lots of pro.

Trad 12m
16 Toddler's Delight

The climb furthest to the right on the poolside wall.

Follow the face straight up past two bolts and finish at a DBB. Can protect with cams near the top.

Mixed trad 10m, 2
Perth Barrington (Gosnells) Quarry ellis brook valley reserve Sixty Foot Falls RHS
11 If only

Climbs the layback corner and face 1m left of the arete.

FA: Andrew Grant, 1 Dec 2013

Trad 7m
16 City Muse

The arete. #2 RP protects the start

FA: A. Grant & S. Jones, 8 Dec 2013

Trad 7m
17 A-Go-Go

The thin crack 1m to the right of arete.

Trad 7m
15 Hugo

the rightward leaning crack 3m to the right of the arete

FA: S. Jones, A & A. Grant, 8 Dec 2013

Trad 6m
Perth Boya Quarry Black Slab
20 Wise Crack Trad 12m
Perth Boya Quarry West Bay Leftside
15 Good Vibrations Trad 30m
15 Equally Revolting Trad 25m
17 Direct Route Trad 12m
13 Two Handed Game Trad 15m
16 Three Handed Game Trad 15m
15 Limited Offer Trad 25m
17 M3 The Battle for Hill 60

Climb the face past 3 carrot bolts and aid the roof. Pro required at the roof and after the roof. Carrot bolt anchor at top. So bring plates. The piton on this route is very rusty.

Mixed trad 15m, 3
Perth Boya Quarry West Bay Rightside
10 Latby Trad 20m
11 Jeans Crack Trad 20m
9 Incendiary Capsule Trad 26m
13 Wedge Trad 30m
14 Jebba Trad 30m
17 Electric Orange Trad 25m
17 Road to Agadir Trad 40m
19 Agadir Express Trad 37m
Perth Boya Quarry East Bay Leftside
16 Keith's Klimb Trad 25m
6 Something Revolting Trad 20m
5 Flea Trad 20m
16 Acrobat

Whole sections are poorly protected and there's a fair bit of loose rock.

Trad 30m
Perth Boya Quarry East Bay Rightside
16 Fancy Pants Trad 30m
15 Heavy Breathing Trad 30m
10 Wanker Trad 15m
9 Boab Trad 25m
15 Boab Direct Trad 20m
17 Boab Eliminate Trad 20m
Perth Bridle Rock
20 Mr. Buzzy Lefthand Variant Mixed trad 5m, 1
23 Liar's Dice Trad 8m
20 The Groove Train Trad 7m
Perth Churchman's Brook The Short Walls
17 Cornered Trad 7m
17 Stretch Trad 7m
Perth Churchman's Brook Lost Arrow Area
5 Extremely Moderate Trad 10m
13 Presence Trad 10m
15 Lost Arrow

Climb the tapering crack. The crux is at the top, and the anchors are two ring bolts.

Trad 10m
13 Slanting Crack

Follow the right slanting crack 2 metres right of Lost Arrow. Finish by going straight up the sentry box. Two fixed hangers at the anchor.

Trad 15m
10 Forty Four Trad 15m
10 Twenty Two Trad 15m
15 Bottomless Corner Trad 15m
10 Skidmark Trad 23m
Perth Churchman's Brook The Super Slab
13 Ornet Trad 25m
19 Dump Zone Trad 20m
9 Caledonian Way Alternate Start Trad 27m
10 Caledonian Way

Start in the corner at the left edge of the smooth slab. Climb the corner for 12 metres to the top of the block. Up just left of orange overhangs to finish.

FA: Dave James & Stephen Antony, 1976

Trad 27m
17 Major

Start in the corner at the left edge of smooth slab, as for Caledonian Way. Before reaching top of block, step right onto face and up a shallow groove to finish. Keep the two triangular niches on the right.

FA: Mike Smith

Trad 25m
20 Unknown Trad 28m
Perth Churchman's Brook Fang Wall
12 Pink Knickers

Starts in front of a large marri, mantle to the shelf.

Trad 28m
12 Rampant Dicks Trad 30m
16 Could Have Been Better Trad 30m
17 Editorial

FA: Ross Weiter & Peter Thomas

Trad 30m
15 First Route

The first route on the cliff. Climb the crack 4 metres right of Could Have Been Better to a shallow cave. Move up to right of the cave (crux) then straight up to join Rampant Dicks. A bit run out near the top.

FA: 'Mac' McArthur

Trad 30m
16 The Fang

Start 2m right of First Route at a short wall with a sentry box at 4m and groove above. Climb left of the wall then right onto ledge. Up groove to next ledge. Straight up to sloping V-shaped ledge and traverse right to triangular rock. Step left and straight up to finish.

FA: 'Mac' McArthur & Dave James, 1976

Trad 25m
16 The Bite Trad 25m
19 Munchy Trad 25m
14 The Sting

FA: Mike Smith & David James

Trad 25m
Perth Churchman's Brook Slash and Burn Wall
18 Super Nova Trad 30m
14 Gabbro Groove

The obvious V-section crack 2m right of Slash and Burn.

FA: 'Mac' McArthur

Trad 30m
18 Celestial Way

Start 2m right of Bodgy Dolts. Up overhanging groove to stand on large ledge to the right. Up next bulge and climb wall until it steepens, then traverse right into a shallow groove and crack, the mid point of Up for Grabs, to finish.

FA: 'Mac' McArthur

Trad 30m
19 Mainliner

As for Celestial Way but instead of traversing right go straight up, clipping the two fixed hangers along the way. Above the bulge take the thin crack to niche and fixed hanger, then move to the next large niche and another fixed hanger. Continue up crack to scoop then mantle to finish. Some wall wires or even microcams are handy.

FA: Ronald & Ron Master

Mixed trad 28m, 2
Perth Churchman's Brook Collaboration Wall
20 Gates of Mordor Mixed trad 30m, 2
20 R Gates of Mordor alternate finish Trad 30m
Perth Churchman's Brook The West End
16 Calophylla Crack Trad 18m
Perth Darlington Brutus Boulder
21 Brutus Trad 7m
Perth Darlington Deception Area
12 Cold Start Trad 10m
16 Rudi Trains For Makulu

FA: Rudolf Denk, 1997

Trad 12m
23 Axial Order Mixed trad 14m, 1
22 Axial Disorder Mixed trad 14m, 2
16 I'm Spartacus Trad 11m
16 Fist Full of Friends Trad 11m
Perth Darlington Pyramid Boulder
19 Enter The Aardvark

Thin crack on the south side of the boulder. Small gear.

Trad 8m
16 Pogue Mahone Mixed trad 12m, 1

Showing 1 - 100 out of 1,602 routes.

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