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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
South East Hobart and surrounds Waterworks Quarry
17 Justin's Crack

FA: Justin Kennedy

Trad 7m
South East Hobart and surrounds Proctor's Road Quarry Lower Tier Right Wall
10 Solid City Trad 10m
12 After Work Trad 10m
19 Nose Job Trad 7m
17 Hair Lip Trad 8m
South East Hobart and surrounds Proctor's Road Quarry Upper Tier
11 Proctoscope Trad 12m
13 Prostrate Trad 10m
South East Hobart and surrounds Mount Wellington The Organ Pipes Broken Buttress
11 Van Diemen Buttress Trad
16 Spurline

FA: R. Alsop, M. Douglas, A. Keller, Mar 1968. Direct Finish: R. Mansfield, P. Robinson, Sep 1980. & R. Mansfield, 1968

Trad 48m
23 Assault Course Trad
19 Start Me Up

FA: N. Deka & S. Bunton, 1987

Trad 30m
16 Crestline

FA: U. Aurelli, D. Cox & P. Sands, 1961

FFA: P. Robinson & R. Mansfield, 1980

Trad 45m
23 The Light Trad 35m
22 The Good, The Excellent and The Ugly

FA: D. Stephenson & N. Deka, 1988

Trad 30m
15 Prodigal

FA: G. Kowalik & P. Robinson, 1981

Trad 130m, 5
21 Blind Faith Trad 35m
18 Tired Cliches Trad 20m
12 Brand New Lies Trad 15m
18 Rick the Redneck Trad 25m
South East Hobart and surrounds Mount Wellington The Organ Pipes University Buttress
21 Two Angry Young Men Trad 50m, 2
16 Sisyphus Trad 55m, 2
19 Pete's Power Plummet
Trad 70m, 3
18 Cleavage

Cracks left of the Triclinicity corner, to DBB.

Trad 20m
18 Triclinicity Trad 20m
21 Wide Boy

FA: R. Parkyn & O. Gervasoni, Feb 2015

Mixed trad 24m, 2
15 Ozymandias Trad 65m
22 Blind Vision

FA: R Parkyn, Mar 2015

Trad 47m, 2
22 Blank Generation Trad 60m, 2
17 Chancellor Direct

Start: Starts at the clean RH facing corner near the foot of Avalanche Couloir

  1. 35m (17) Up the corner and face to the overhang. Pass this on the L and continue up the line to a ledge at the base of a detached pillar

  2. 25m (16) Climb up behind the pillar, then up the crack above. At the top traverse R to the abseil anchors at the top of Carpe Diem

FA: I. Lewis & L. Closs, 1972

Trad 60m, 2
19 Carpe Diem

Brilliant face climbing. A double set of small/medium wires very useful. About 10m right of CD is a recessed column. Scramble up to the base with care. Up, till you can step right onto the column proper. Follow shallow r facing corner till the gear fizzles out, then reach righ to gain hidden flake. Follow this up to gain top of column. There is a DBB a few metres up and left.

Trad 45m
20 Piping Hot

Crack to right of carpet diem with roof at 20m.

Trad 30m
18 Sphygmus Trad 18m
20 Clench Your Fist and Think of England Trad 18m
19 Falstaff Trad 25m
18 The Cocktail Hour

The arete directly off the walking track. Good but spaced protection.

FA: Tony McKenny & Bob Bull, 2016

Trad 17m
17 Aperitif

Starts directly from the track between Bulging Buttress and University Buttress. Climb right side of arete on flakes and horizontals.

Trad 30m
South East Hobart and surrounds Mount Wellington The Organ Pipes Bulging Buttress
22 (S.S.S.S.I.) Seriously Searching for Sanity but Suiciding Instead Trad 32m
25 Mildly Amused Mixed trad 35m, 9
22 Beaten and Abused

FA: D. Stephenson, N. Deka & P. Steane, 1989

Trad 40m
22 Crazed and Confused

FA: N. Deka, D. Stephenson & Feb 1989, 1989

Trad 40m
18 The Wizard Trad 80m, 2
21 Cold Power Trad 30m
14 Lignum Vitae Trad 100m
18 Black Magic

Clamber up the rocks to a lightly overhanging finger crack. Follow this up and over several spears of rock, When you reach the second (larger) platform, head to the crack on the left. Be sure to check around the corner to the right so you don't miss the rap bolts. If you reach a platform behind the large boulder you've already passed them.

FA: Kim Carrigan & Ian Lewis, 1975

Trad 55m
17 Magic Mushroom Variants Trad 50m
19 Malignant Mushroom Trad 50m
22 Equipoise Mixed trad 30m, 1
24 Isonomy

FA: A. Donoghue & H. Jackson, Feb 2014

Trad 30m
16 Eye for a Line Trad 34m
17 Jelly Roll

Cracked face just to the right of the prow, 2m left of the tree. Great if you are a percussionist. For the rest of us, however, the tone emitted by tapping the flakes on this route is a tad scary (but the gear is good). Finishes with double bolt belay at the Black Magic step.

FA: S. Parsons, P. Bigg & Apr 1978., 1976

Trad 35m
14 Breakneck Trad
19 Smoke and Mirrors Trad 35m
13 Dal Nulla

FA: P. Robinson, C. (Basil) Rathbone & May 2013, May 2013

Trad 30m
17 Crucio Trad 30m
14 Humpty Dumpty Trad 30m
14 Breaker Chimney

FA: T. Terry & K. Hall, 1968

Trad 110m, 4
13 Breaker Spur Trad 100m, 4
16 Indian Summer
  1. A roaming line starting up face reaching between horizontal breaks to small roof. Traverse R under roof and up to small ledge.

  2. Up broken corner crack to top of initial column, head up and R to bolt belay. (combining first two pitches is definitely possible)

  3. Diagonally L to another bolted belay and rap station.

FA: T. McKenny & P. Robinson, 2013

Trad 49m, 3
19 Spice Trade

FA: L. Martin & T. Smith, Feb 2014

Trad 19m
17 Cracked Pepper

FA: I. Snape, T. McKenny (alt.) & A. Adams, Dec 2012

Trad 46m, 2
13 Breakout

FA: G. Kowalik & P. Robinson, 1979

Trad 110m, 3
20 Hormesis

FA: H. Jackson & A. Donoghue, Mar 2014

Trad 48m
South East Hobart and surrounds Mount Wellington The Organ Pipes Teardrop Gully
21 Farewell to Arms

The obvious crack system on the south face of the first buttress, clearly visible from the track. Start at the base of the buttress, between Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire. Climb the sustained, flared cracks up the face to belay on a ledge just below the top of the buttress. Tape abseil to descend.

FA: D. Stephenson & N. Deka, 1989

Trad 30m
22 Into the Fire

A sustained route following the prominent corners on the north side of the first buttress, clearly visible from the Organ Pipes Track.

Climb with difficulty into a shallow scoop using insecure small wires for protection (a peg was used here originally). Continue through a bulge using layaway holds to one more queasy experience, a sloping jug. Continue up to belay at a ledge.

FA: Simon Parsons & Kim Bischoff, 1981

Trad 30m
23 Cornered

Start approximately 5m left of Wootang. Climb the thin crack line just right of the arête, protected by small to mid-sized cams (some people think these small cams are quite dodgy), then continue up the shallow corner above past 3 FH to a DBB at the ledge. A. Williams, early 2005.

FFA: A. Williams, 2005

Mixed trad 20m, 3
26 The Colour of Magic Mixed trad 25m, 7
17 Deano's climb Trad 10m
18 Ano's Sojourn Trad 10m
17 Fire and Forget Trad 12m
17 Deano's new climb

Starts just uphill of the pinnacle in an offwidth crack. Climb three offwidth sections to belay in base of chimney. Scramble out.

FA: Deano & Topher, Dec 2012

Trad 20m
13 Sweepings Trad 20m
21 Cocksure propultion Trad 20m
18 Suzerain Trad 32m
18 Built like a donkey Trad 22m
8 Fat snatcher Trad 14m
17 Pretty septic Trad 14m
18 Sheeza Trad 17m
South East Hobart and surrounds Mount Wellington The Organ Pipes Step Tier
21 Left Out Trad 30m
24 Sucked In Trad
20 Mothers on Adrenalin Trad 25m
16 Moonraker Trad 70m, 3
17 Moonraker variant

Alternative to the first two pitches of Moonraker. Pitch 1: Climb the crag for 10m, traverse right in the horizontal break to the cave and keep going as for Moonraker Pitch 2: Follow original variant until below the chimney, then step right to a small ledge and continue with the steep crack until you reach the original line again. Pitch 3: to rap station as for Moonraker

Trad 77m, 3
19 One Way to the Moon Trad 40m
17 Xenophanes

Nice line, take a #4 and #5.

FA: I Lewis & D Hain, 1974

Trad 81m, 3
19 Lone Stranger

FA: Kim Carrigan & Ian Lewis, 1974

Trad 78m, 3
18 Opthalmia Trad 80m
16 Peacepipe Trad 80m
17 Sunday Morning Fever! Trad 25m
South East Hobart and surrounds Mount Wellington The Organ Pipes Great Tier
19 Static Journey Trad 50m
17 Choc-o-Block Trad 25m
19 Zoloft Trad 45m
20 Dynamic Journey Trad 25m
16 Melancholy Mania Trad 100m, 3
17 Manic Melancholy

A less vegetated variant for Melancholy Mania. Takes the rib if rock to the L of the second pitch of Melancholy Mania. Scramble around from Suicide Sadness to avoid the first pitch of the above climb and belay at the base of the chimney. Climb up cracks and shallow corner past rooflet and blocky sections up the belay for Melancholy Mania.

Trad 50m
20 Tsing Gai Trad 65m
17 Janzoon Trad 60m
21 Massacre Madness Trad 40m
18 Suicide Sadness Trad 60m
25 Terror Firmer Trad 20m
15 Nefertiti

FA: J Moore & P Stranger, 1968

Trad 77m, 2

Showing 1 - 100 out of 2,130 routes.

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