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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Te Tai o Aorere, Whakatū / Tasman, Nelson Paynes Ford Creese Wall / Rawhide Roof
V4 Easiest Out

Climb the easiest way to the lip of the cave from the big chalked ledge at the back.

Boulder 4m
Te Tai o Aorere, Whakatū / Tasman, Nelson Paynes Ford High Rocks Boulders
V5/6 The Acid Test

Prominent roof boulder over the Takaka river. The roof is like honeycomb Every time you climb it you find a new sequence! Loads of people have made it across the roof, but it is rare that someone makes the difficult move pulling over the lip. This is what gives it its V5/6 rating. Legend has it that the first ascent was done by a dude on acid listening to a walkman!


Boulder 4m
Te Tai o Aorere, Whakatū / Tasman, Nelson Cable Bay The Slab
V1/2 Ah Novus!

Likely climbed before, but thought I'd just record it. Found just before the slab is reached. Start right with left hand in crack and right on the side, move up and left to top-out. Sharp holds.

FA: Zane Wentzell, 14 May 2021

Boulder 2m
Waitaha / Canterbury Ōtautahi / Christchurch City Kahuku Park
V0 #1

Run and jump, no hands. Marked holds only. FA done with approach shoes and a full rack of cams + nuts.

FA: 2021

Boulder 2m
V2 #2

Marked holds only.

FA: 2021

Boulder 5m
V2 #3

Marked holds only.

FA: 2021

Boulder 4m
V2 #4

Marked holds only.

FA: 2021

Boulder 5m
V3 #5

Match hands to start. Marked holds only.

FA: 2021

Boulder 5m
Waitaha / Canterbury Ōtautahi / Christchurch City EQC
V0 Gerry Brownlee

Sit start, straight up the front door section. Very easy, a favorite downclimb to reach the ground. Even Gerry Brownlee could climb this one.

Boulder 2m
V3 Off the shelf and into the floor

Middle of the long face. Run and jump to grab the lip and haul yourself on top.

Boulder 2m
V1 Renovations

Jump and grab the jug on the corner of the arette and haul yourself up. Front door features are out.

Boulder 2m
V2 Liquefaction

Up the back face of the container, jump and grab the lip and up. No arette holds.

Boulder 2m
{US} V4 The Cathedral

Sit start on the back corner, dyno to the lip along the long side and up. Don't use the corner jug.

Boulder 2m
Waitaha / Canterbury Ngā Kohatu Whakarakaraka o Tamatea Pōkai Whenua / The Port Hills The Black Wall
16 Twisting By The Pool

FA: Simon Middlemass, 1998

Boulder 4m
Waitaha / Canterbury Ngā Kohatu Whakarakaraka o Tamatea Pōkai Whenua / The Port Hills Bridle Path Boulders
V2 Zig Zag Boulder
V1 Snow White Boulder
V2 Paint Face Left Boulder
V5 Sauron Direct Boulder
V6 Sauron Roof Boulder
V8 The Seven Dwarves

Sit start, hands matched in large undercling

V6 Ammonia Boulder
V5 Ammonium Boulder
V4 Hangin' out with Friends Boulder
V2 Pumpy 1

Start on the right arete traverse to the left side arete and top out.

V0 Asparagus

Named for the springer spaniel that climbed it. Right side of gentle slab

V3 Artichoke

Sit start on two side pulls, right hand to crimp, and top out. Avoid using the arete

V1 Meatloaf Meander

Traverse right to left. Start at shelf by grey intrusion

V2 The Code of Dabbing Boulder
V4 Dab Police Boulder
V1 Bridge to Terabithia Boulder
V3 Blocus Boulder
V8 Early Bird Gets The Worm Boulder
V9 The Final Tache Boulder
V2 Unnamed Boulder
V3 UnnamedV3 Boulder
V4 Siberia Boulder
V6 The Trans-Siberian Railway Boulder
V2 Beefcake Crack

Slab side of Beefcake Boulder. Sitstart right hand crimp, left undercling, follow vertical crack to topout

V3 Beefcake Slab

Slab side of Beefcake Boulder. Same start as Crack, follow horizontal crack to obvious hold, straight up slab to prominent top

V2 Beefcake Arete

Same start as Crack and Slab, follow horizontal crack to obvious hold, top out using arete

Waitaha / Canterbury Ngā Kohatu Whakarakaraka o Tamatea Pōkai Whenua / The Port Hills Halfcar
V5 18. V5 Boulder 4m
V4 17. Sleeker Than a Celica Boulder 4m
V2 1.1 Roland's Traverse Boulder 4m
V1 1. Roland's Warmup Boulder 4m
V4 2. Drop Knee Boulder 4m
3. Project BoulderProject
V7 4. Glass Half Empty Boulder 4m
V5 4.1 Drop the Clutch Boulder 4m
V8 4.2 Glass Half Full Boulder
V7 5. Full Sized. Boulder 4m
V6 6. Halfling Boulder 4m
7. Project BoulderProject
V6 8. Growth Spurt Boulder 4m
V5 9. Always Crashing The Same Car Boulder 4m
V6 10. Melon Balls Boulder 4m
V8 10.1 Melon Balls Sit Start Boulder 4m
V10 11. Half Brain Boulder 4m
11.1 Project BoulderProject
V9 12. Maggot Brain Boulder 4m
V6 13. V6 Boulder
13.1 Project BoulderProject
V5 14. V5 Boulder 4m
V4 15. V4 Boulder 4m
V1 16. V1 Boulder 4m
Waitaha / Canterbury Ngā Kohatu Whakarakaraka o Tamatea Pōkai Whenua / The Port Hills Waterfall Crag
V10 Traverse Right to Left (No Glue)

Start as for Arachnophobia, then commence traversing left to top out as for End of the Rainbow. This line is an eliminate and excludes all holds "made out of glue". Interesting distinction, and likely subject to change as the cave evolves. The line stays low, underneath the steepest parts of the wall.

V4 Arachnophobia

The rightmost problem in the cave. Start low on the prominent underclings, make a long reach up onto the face, then angle right to slap up the mini arête to top out.

V7 Short But Sweet

Starts just left of Arachnophobia. Sit start very low on the ball shaped meat wrap and RH crimp, with feet on the wall (not on the clay slab below). Cross into a pocket and crimp then follow a series of incut crimps leading to a dyno finish to the prominent jug. Drop off here or top out if you dare.

V10 Sasquatch

Start near the centre of the cave with LH gaston and RH undercling. Make a hard pull on and slap LH to sloper. Latch RH crimp then throw to a good edge. From here, grab the good ball hold then climb straight up the face on good holds. Finish to the right on the bucket.

FA: Derek Thatcher

V7 Cramp

Sit start near the mid point of the cave on the big undercling. Hard moves to crimps lead to a big pull through to the start hold of Sloper Groper. Finish as for this problem.

V5 Six Different Ways to Please Your Lover

Start low on the good hold used for Cramp (higher than Cramp's undercling start). Make a big move left to join Sloper Groper, then continue left until you can join Mr Miyagi and finish as for this problem.

V6 Sloper Groper

Squat start near the middle of the cave on the big glued sloper. Make a couple of powerful moves with the RH, then move up and right to finish on the leftward sloping jug (heinous top out optional).

V5 Purity Boulder
V8 Mr Miyagi

Sit start at the far left side of the cave with LH on a rounded edge and RH on the obvious spike. Slap up LH then move RH out to a pinch. A big heel eventually allows you to attain a good LH edge. From here, move right to finish on the jug (heinous top out optional).

V4 Diagon Alley

Starts just right of Golden Tears on a big undercling. Make a big move to reach a crimp on the face, then delicately move feet up to top out straight up. This problem eliminates the wall to the right of the V-groove.

V4 Golden Tears

Sit start to the left of the cave on the big block characterised by gold glue seeping down its side. Make a move RH to reach a sloping rail, then RH again to a crimp. From here, huck LH to a rail and execute an easy dyno to the top lip. The problem stays left of the right arête.

V1 End of the Rainbow

The sole warmup of the crag. Stand start (or sit for a slightly harder version) just to the right of the dead tree. Move straight up to the glued jug and top out easily.

V9 Traverse Left Right

Sit start using the big flat hold on the far left side of the main crag. Traverse across and down into the roof. Climb across the roof (avoiding the jug made of glue) to reach the big sloper, then move up to the lip and across right on good holds to finish on the bucket as for Short But Sweet.

V4 Risk vs Reward

Located left of the main crag, on the wall left of where the waterfall runs. Sit start on underclings then ascend the tricky face. Top out by stepping off to the left. Take care with the landing.

V6 Left Wall Low Traverse (Right to Left)

Start on the left wall just past Risk Vs Reward. Sit start on a rock with hands matched on the slopey rail. Traverse low all the way left to finish in the horizontal slots.

V7 Left Wall Traverse Direct (Right to Left)

Start as for the low traverse. At about the halfway point, make a big move up and left to a crimp, then finish straight up on the big sloper near the lip.

V6 Such A Sandbag

Climbs straight up the middle of the left hand wall. Sit start with hands on the undercling and the ball hold. Make a big move over the lip, then tricky face climbing to the top. Finish on the big slopey jug.

V6 Pin Scars

Starts on the left side of the left wall. Sit start directly beneath the cleaned out runnel feature. Pull on and make a couple of hard moves on minuscule crimps, gain the sloping rail/arête, then finish on the big sloper jug.

Waitaha / Canterbury Kura Tāwhiti / Castle Hill Basin Spittle Hill Map 1 Wildside Boulders
V2 The Stuff

Smear and mantle.

FA: Matt Pierson

V1 2
VB 3

Grade: VE

V5 Larakin

Hang start

V3 5
V0 6
V3 7
V4 8
V6 The Last Dixie

FA: Alan Davison


Big moves from good holds

V2 Pilgrim

Short Slab


Grade: VM

V0 13
VB 14

Grade: VE

V1 15
V0 16
V0 17
V2 18

Showing 1 - 100 out of 6,685 routes.

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