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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Fortress
5.11c High Stepper

Set by Robin Barley

FFA: John Fantini, 2003

Sport 4
5.11b Threading the Minefield Sport 15m
5.11c Fat Man's Dysphoria Sport
5.11b Allergenic Sport 4
5.10d The Plague Sport 22m
5.11b Blackwater Fever Sport 8
5.10d Typhus Sport 7
5.11d Bubbles and the Beanstalk Sport 9
5.10a Stout Hearted Sport 35m, 10
5.10a Plum Line Sport 30m, 10
5.10a Sagging Bumline

Run-out between two of the bolts can be protected with a #1 Camelot.

Sport 35m
5.10c Dumb Line Sport 11
5.11b Obnoxious Little Military Men Sport 30m
5.11d Half-Arsed Amputee Sport 10
5.11a The Demon Delaney Sport 8
5.12a Holy Gucamole Sport 8
5.11d Ironclad Sport 8
5.10b Minor Skirmish Sport 25m
5.10c Exercise in Absurdity Sport 20m
5.11c Exercise in Absurdity Direct Sport 15m
5.10b Timorous Sport 25m
5.11b Eat cake Sport 25m
5.10d Special Forces Sport 30m
5.11a The Real Special Forces

Must do!

Sport 25m, 10
5.10c Besieged briefly

Start on besieged. At about 20m head to the anchor just to the right.

Sport 20m
5.11b Beseiged Sport 30m
5.11b Winston's Choice Sport 30m
5.11b Arlo the Menace Sport 11
5.10d Mortal Combat Sport 4
5.12a Mortal Combat P2 Sport 16
5.11a I'm Utterly Useless Sport 5
5.11a By Stealth Sport 15m
5.12b Thugs Sport 10
5.11d Disembowelled Sport 15
5.11d Disembowelled P2 Sport 15
5.10d Spoilsport P2 Sport 7
5.10- Primal Dream Sport 55m
5.10d Fortuitous Sport 45m
5.10c Still Born Sport 28m
5.10c Born a Misfit Sport 22m
5.10d The Slippery Bastard Sport 25m
5.10b Genetic Mirror Sport 25m
5.10d Slices of Quince Sport 22m
5.10b Oh Lovely Pussy

About 2m left of Runcible Spoon, before the trad climb that runs up the right-facing corner.

5.10b Runcible Spoon

Original grade was 5.10a - adjusted grade per

Sport 20m
5.10a Feeding Off The Crumbs

The left of the bulge right next to While the Crows Away. New line

Sport 25m
5.10b While the Crows Away Sport 25m
5.10a Looking Glass Sport 25m
5.10a Five Minutes From Midnight Sport
5.11d Misdemeanour Sport
5.11b Fart Stains

On the wall opposite "The Burglar's Dog"

The Turret
5.10c Essence of Skaha Sport 10m
5.10a Glorious Land Sport 10m
5.10b Perchance to Snore Sport
5.11d The Visionary Sport
5.10d Grumpy Old Men Sport
5.10c Misericord Sport
Nacho Wall
5.10d Cheese Nacho Sport 20m
Another Buttress
5.7 Pry Baby Sport 12m, 4
5.10a Leverage Sport 12m, 4
5.6 Pried & joy Sport 4
{AU} YDS:5.10d Tilted Glass Sport 18m, 4
5.8 Lick it in your Panties Sport 20m, 5
5.7 Hair on a G String Sport 20m, 5
5.8 Like it in Her Panties Sport 20m, 5
5.8 Lichen in My Panties

FA: Genevieve Hill & Hugh Lenny

Sport 20m, 8
Red Tail South
5.9 Dogmatism

FA: Hugh Lenny, Steve McConnell, Ruth van den Driessche & Claire McKinney

Sport 22m
5.10a Basic Black

FA: Audrey Perry & M Normandeau

Sport 22m
5.10b Tradition Sport 22m
5.10a Facility Sport 22m
Red Tail Lower
5.9 Hiking With Howie Sport 18m, 6
5.10a What's Left? Sport 20m, 8
5.9 What's Right Sport 28m, 9
5.9 Eye Sport 26m, 6
5.10b Sursum Corda Sport 32m, 6
5.10a Preface

FA: Hugh Lenny & Genevieve Hill

Sport 25m, 7
5.9 The Idles of March Sport 30m, 4
5.10b Wildlife Crossing Sport 30m, 8
5.7 Guilt Trip

FA: Beth Turner, Hugh Dunlop, Howie Richardson & Russ Turner

Sport 25m, 9
5.7 Mother Superior

FA: Tony, Nita, Robin & Howie Richardson (and family)

Sport 30m, 7
5.8 Spring Fingers Sport 30m, 4
5.9 Just lead it Sport 25m, 9
5.8 Sport Climbing is Neither

FA: Russ Turner

Sport 25m, 8
5.7 Love, Honour and Belay Sport 25m, 9
5.7 Freudian Slip

FA: Russ Turner

Sport 15m, 7
5.6 Devil May Care Sport 9
5.6 Second Balcony Jump

FA: Russ Turner

Sport 22m, 5
5.6 Black Friday

FA: Russ Turner

Sport 15m, 5
Red Tail Upper
5.10d Raptored Sport 15m
5.10d Blighted Sport 4
5.10b Pink Toenails Sport 13
5.11b Jekyll Sport 6
5.11d Diamond in the Roof Sport 18
5.11c Tier Drops

Through roof then up sustained slab

Sport 30m, 15
5.11c H Sport
5.11a Treasure in the Lichen Sport 40m
5.10d Wedgies

From AoA traverse right and up first bolted line

Sport 30m, 7
5.10b The Right Cheek Sport 9
5.10c Puckered Sphincter Sport 6
Tsunami Wall
5.12c The Low Side of the Road Sport 10m, 4

Showing 1 - 100 out of 446 routes.

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