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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Fortress
5.10b Undermined Trad 15m
5.10c Pestilential Trad
5.11a Urushiol Trad
5.11a Valiant Veterans Trad 30m
5.10b Youthful Assault Trad 35m
5.10a Dad's Army Strikes Trad 30m
5.10b Storming the Ramparts Trad 30m
5.11b Crotchrot Trad
5.10a Itching to Climb Trad
5.10b Incomplete Victory Trad
5.8 Woman Warrior Trad
5.10b Rained Out of Action Trad
5.10b Captain Winkler Trad
5.9 Et Tu Brutus

FA: Rick Cox & Shari Cox

Trad 50m
5.10a For Foot Soldiers Trad
5.10 Seige Machine Trad
5.11a Fearful in Battle (P1) Trad 15m
5.10d Spoilsport Trad
5.10a Perpendiculous

Mixed route

Trad 25m
5.10c Not Quite Trite Trad 20m
5.11a Always a Lucky Sod (P1) Trad 35m
5.10b Owl and the Pussycat

The right-facing corner sharing a start with Oh Lovely Pussy. The top crux is well protected with small nuts and a blue alien.

Trad 25m
{AU} YDS:5.9 The Rats Will Play Trad 20m
5.10a The Shrimp and the Wimp Trad
5.7 The Nutter Trad
5.10a Crack Criminal Trad
5.8 Cruel and Unusual Punishment Trad
5.10d Dog-collared Crime

Mixed line

5.9 The Burglar's Dog Trad
The Turret
5.6 Old Bones Trad
5.10a Abrasive Reality Trad
5.9 The Dream Trad
5.10d Gritstoned Trad
Another Buttress
5.8 Filth Fest Trad 12m
5.7 Tick Crack Trad 20m
5.6 Brief Encounter Trad 20m
5.6 Peripheral Vision Trad 20m
5.6 Scratch Trad 20m
{AU} YDS:5.6 Dont Worry Trad 20m
{AU} YDS:5.6 Be Happy Trad 20m
5.7 Bilbo Baggins Trad 20m
5.8 Gollum Trad 20m
Red Tail South
5.8 Black Widow

Follow the obvious crack on the far left of RTS over the cruxy overhang into a large offwidth crack. one bolt protects the crux.

Mixed trad 1
5.10a The Price Is Too High Trad
5.10b Back in Black Mixed trad 2
5.9 Hell's Bells

Start on the rock to the left and traverse right into the crack. climb over the corner into an easy trad climb.

Mixed trad 3
5.10b Bearscare Trad
5.9 Death By Sex

Crack to the left of "Facility" that turns into more of a normal climb mid way through.

5.10c Brittle Skin Trad 20m
Red Tail Lower
5.8 Different Reality Trad 20m
5.8 The Risk is All Trad 25m
5.8 Thinbar Trad 25m
Red Tail Upper
5.10b Conductress on the #19

Crack to the left of the finish of Gentle Caress.

5.10b Gentle Caress Trad 15m
5.10d Enraptured Mixed trad 5
5.11b Murderous Break Trad
5.10c Taunting Taffy Mixed trad 5
5.7 Dirty with the Money

A 50m climb up the obvious crack.

5.10c Hyde Trad
5.10d A0 Thrupence Ha'penny Mixed trad 40m, 9
5.11b A0 Creeping Grip Mixed trad 40m, 8
5.10a Assholes of August

FA: Howie Richardson, Robin Barley & Nick Barley

Trad 30m
East Portal
5.9 Clodhopper Trad
5.11a Talking Dirty Trad
5.9 Double Jeopardy Trad
5.9 Lost Friend Trad
5.10c Saner World Trad
5.9 Double Exposure Trad 25m
5.10d Do the Right Thing Trad
5.11c Do the Wrong Thing Trad
Doctors Wall
{AU} YDS:5.10c Doctor Crow Trad 30m
5.10b Malpractice

Up the overhanging corner, step left around arête to anchors

Trad 20m
5.10c Piled higher and steeper Trad
5.10a Extra Billing Trad
Grandstand Boulder
5.6 Hexxus the Horrible Trad 15m
5.6 Easy does it

Big chimney

Trad 15m
5.10c Gravid Mixed trad 15m, 2
5.10b 5.10 Basement Abortion

Crack line on left side of gully facing Blipvert area

Trad 15m
5.10a Slippery Slit Trad 10m
5.11d Subterranean Homesick Blue Trad
Blipvert Tower
5.10c Maximum headroom

Up crack into sentry box, turn roofs to DBB

Trad 34m
5.11c Shag Haired Villain Trad
The Top Tier
{AU} YDS:5.9 Splendiferous Trad 25m
Screeching Wall
5.10b Amber Gambler Trad
5.9 Orange Bird Trad
5.10d Fanticide Trad
5.10c Hollow Stones Trad
5.10d Arch Hedonist Trad
5.9 Sewer Rat Trad
Chatsworth Edge
5.10b Shake and bake Trad 18m
Elusive Edge
5.8 Skunked Trad 18m
Great White Wall
5.11a Eerily hanging out

Up corner and traverse steep arched roof

Trad 35m
5.10c Gang bang

The centopath corner of skaha

Trad 35m
5.9 mrs. palmer Trad 45m
Go Anywhere
{AU} YDS:5.10b Guts and Bolts Trad 15m
5.5 Steve's

FA: Steve Knight, Jim Orava & Howie Richardson

Trad 18m
{AU} YDS:5.9 Jim's Trad 20m
5.7 Go Here

FA: Sue Chaytor & Gary Wolkoff

Trad 18m
Cave Hill Slab
5.3 The Caves Trad 100m
Daycare Quickies
5.7 Ethics Police Trad

Showing 1 - 100 out of 123 routes.

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