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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Calcheak Huckleberry Lane
5.5 A Walk on the Wild Side Sport 15m
5.7 The First Step Sport 12m
5.9 Huckleberry Pluck

Great slab climbing, tricky Crux thin feet. if you are a excellent slab climber this might feel like a 5.9, but to the average 5.9 climber you will probably struggle at the crux

Sport 12m, 5
5.7 The Hard Way Home Sport 12m
5.6 A Little Bit of Squamish Sport 12m
5.7 The Roller Coaster Sport 8m
Calcheak Shelf Road
5.7 A Piece of Cake

The bolts have been removed from this route and it has returned to nature.

Sport 12m
5.11b The Gift Sport 12m
5.12 Keeping in Touch Sport 12m
5.8 Crazy Eights Sport 15m
5.10b Show Off Sport 12m
5.10b Foul Language Sport 12m
5.7 A Tear Above Sport 10m
Calcheak The Zip Stage
5.9 Choss Pile Sport 8m
5.8 The Extra Mile Sport 8m
5.10b The Guessing Game Sport 8m
Calcheak Paradise Valley
5.11c So Close Sport 20m
5.9 To Heck With Tradition Sport 17m
5.10d The Redd Sport 30m
5.12a Lox, Stock and Two Smokin' Bagels

Nearly killed my belayer when I ripped an exfoliating chunk of rock off.

Sport 30m
5.11a Small Fry Sport
Calcheak Monkey and Weasel
5.7 It's Been Swell Sport 20m
5.9 Mood Swings Right

fun balance type climbing the holds are there but not juggy. A tricky crux past the last bolt on thin holds.

Sport 12m, 4
5.8 Reefer Madness Sport 12m
Calcheak The Magic Kingdom
5.10c Penalty Box Sport 25m
5.10c Anna is a Fine Wench P1 Sport 20m
5.11d Ground Control Sport 35m
Calcheak New Orleans
5.11b The Big Easy Sport 12m
Calcheak The Ampitheatre
5.11c Hissy Fit Sport 10m
5.10c Corporate Ladder Sport 8m
Calcheak Fortress of Solitude
5.11b Superman Meets Bizarro Sport 12m
Calcheak The Emerald City
5.12c Heist Sport 18m
5.13b Screaming in the Wilderness Sport 18m
Calcheak The Blip
5.13c The Faction Sport 10m
Calcheak The Peanut Gallery
5.10b Yang and Yang Sport 12m
Calcheak The Stage
5.10a Under Siege Sport 12m
5.11b West Side Story Sport 12m
5.11b Barbarella Sport 12m
5.12a Whip Smart Sport 10m
5.12 Driving Miss Daisy Sport 18m
5.12b Sweet Jane Sport 18m
5.11d Flesh Gordon Sport 18m
5.11b Distinguished Gentlemen Sport 12m
5.11a Eraserhead Sport 12m
Nordic Swiss Cheese
5.8 Groovin' Mice
Sport 15m
5.9 The Cat Came Back
Sport 18m
5.13a Exsqueeze Me
Sport 12m
5.10a Finntastic
Sport 12m
Nordic The Zoo
5.9 Bumbly
Sport 10m
5.10b Funky Monkey
Sport 10m
5.10b Smilin' Fool
Sport 10m
5.12a Vicious Puppy

Bouldery moves, Pretty much a bolted boulder problem

Sport 10m, 4
Nordic The Midway Wall
5.9 Droolin' Jugs

Sweet arrête with a reachy start. On the far right of the mid wall

Sport 15m, 4
5.11a Ain't Nothin' But A Thing

Fun 5.10a climbing up to the 3rd bolt the a amazing crux's on great side pulls. Very sequency. Middle route on the mid wall

Sport 15m, 4
Nordic Main Wall
5.8 In Dog We Trust

FA: Brian Finestone

Sport 15m
5.11a Hidden Little Secrets

The start has thin feet and is balancy then crispy to pockets. Its pumpy.

Sport 22m, 5
5.10d You Snooze You Loose

Great route, the go to route in the crag, excellent crimps side pulls pockets.

Sport 22m, 6
5.11c Quicksilver

Sequency, lots of hold but they are not so good.

Sport 22m, 6
5.12b Fits Of Rage

easy 5.11 climbing to a thin crux at the top.

Sport 22m
5.12a Minutes From Home
Sport 20m
5.12c Sunday Night At the Chocolate Shoppe
Sport 20m
5.12b Deviant
Sport 20m
5.13b Winging Ninja
Sport 18m
5.13a Elvis Lives
Sport 18m
Nordic Go Gadget
{AU} YDS:5.10b Go Gadget Shoes

stem to below the roof, find some feet go left up and around

Sport 15m, 5
Electric Edge Main Wall
5.10 Electrifying

A pumpy start with good holds into thin holds at the crux past the small roof to the 4th bolt. Once you're past that a few easy moves and you're at the chains.

FA: 2002

Sport 17m, 5
5.12- Heartache

FA: 2002

Sport 18m, 5
5.11- Adrenalin Rush

FA: 2002

Sport 18m, 4
5.10+ All Aflutter

FA: 2000

Sport 30m, 6
5.11- Coroners Case

FA: 2000

Sport 30m, 5
Electric Edge Moss & Choss Wall
5.8 Mossy

balancy on thin slopy holds

Sport 15m, 5
5.8 Chossy

balancy on thin slopy holds

Sport 15m, 5
5.7 Flaky

a bit more interesting than Mossy and Chossy

Sport 15m, 4
Electric Edge Buried Treasure
5.10- Ridgeback

enjoyable, consistent, thin slab climbing.

Sport 25m, 7
5.10- Jungle Gym

These next 3 routes share one top-anchor.

reachy moves over several bulges.

Sport 18m, 5
5.9 Buried Treasure

bouldery start. second crux up high.

Sport 18m, 5
5.9 Arretez Monsieur, ca suffit

start directly below the arete. follow the black bolt hangers up it's face, then step over to the right wall, behind the big flake, past the little tree to an easy undercling finish.

Sport 18m, 5
5.7 The best little 5'6 in Pemberton

These last 2 routes share one top-anchor. pull around the little roof, to the right. follow the arete, lay-backing up the big flake, then romp to the top!

Sport 18m, 6
5.8 Training for Skaha

dance up over the bulge to a reachy crux, then scamper to the top.

Sport 15m, 5
Clint Eastwood Crag
5.11c Pale Rider

The best route here.

Sport 60m, 2
5.10b High Plains Driller


Sport 60m, 3
5.11a Unforgiven Sport 60m, 3
Whistler-Blackomb Ice
WI3 M6 Prime Rib Sport

Showing all 83 routes.

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