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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Dennet Lake Bluffs
5.4 The Gardener Sport 7m, 1
5.8 Terraformer Sport 13m, 4
5.7 SAR left Sport 12m, 3
5.7 SAR Right

Start on the right side of the overhanging boulder and trend rightwards. Finish on the outside facing arete to the top.

Sport 10m, 5
5.4 Arboreal Balance

Climb a large slot into a cave. Climb along the right edge of the arete to finish at the top.

Sport 10m
Tower of Power
5.10d Souled Out

Route has vanished under a ton of moss

FA: Rolf Lutje, Kelly Mortensen & Tim Raabe, 1996

Sport 10m, 5
5.11c Squib Cakes

Fun moves on small holds

FA: Kelly Mortensen & Chris Turzak, 1996

Sport 10m, 3
5.10c Boys from the Bay

Face climbing

FA: Rolf Lutje & Kelly Mortensen, 1995

Sport 10m, 4
5.12b Open Project

Face Climbing. Hanging belay. May have been climbed already

Set by Rich Wheater, 2013

Sport 14m, 5
Sully's Hangout
5.8 Leftovers

Low angle slab on the far left

Sport 13m, 5
5.9 Your Other Left

Fun, featured slab, probably a bit easy for 5.9

Sport 13m, 7
5.9 Lefty

Featured slabby start, steepening towards the anchors

FA: Robbie Priestley, 2009

Sport 15m, 5
5.9 A Bunch of BS

Blocky features lead to a ledge which turn into a bunch of sidepulls (Warning as of 05/20,the fourth bolt is missing on this climb)

FA: Shannon Sullivan, 2009

Sport 15m, 4
5.6 The Beginner

The easiest line here, but still fun

FA: Shaun Bent, 2009

Sport 15m, 6
5.9 The Rookie

The mossy line on the mossy wall

FA: Shaun Bent, 2009

Sport 15m, 6
5.7 Beginner's Luck

Directly to the right of "The Beginner". An easy slab climb into really nice holds.

FA: Shaun Bent, 2009

Sport 13m, 6
5.9 Little LuLu

Great climbing right next to 3M. There is some moss on the wall, but everything you need to climb it is clean.

FA: Monika Csobot, 2008

Sport 20m, 10
5.10a 3M
1 5.8
2 5.10a

5.8 to the chains at halfway, with a few 10a moves immediately after. Good warmup climb.

FA: Monika Csobot, 2008

Sport 20m, 2
5.11a Lubo

Great fun. Starts next to 3M, moving right towards a corner, then follows the bolts up some nice, long face moves and a steep slab finish.

FA: Shaun Bent, 2007

Sport 15m, 6
5.11b Constant Gardener

The next climb right of Lubo. Climb towards the same corner as for Lubo, continuing up the arete and to the anchors.

FA: Shaun Bent

Sport 20m, 6


5.13b Antisocial Media

FA: Brent Nixon, 7 Jul 2016

5.10d Speed Dial #8

Scramble up the mossy pedestal, then up on pinches and jugs. Cruxy finish.

FA: Ann Chan

Sport 20m, 5
5.10c Shake your lettuce

FA: Shannon Sullivan, 2007

Sport 20m
5.11d Serene

Longest route at the cliff. 11c if you move left for a rest near the top, or 12a direct.

FA: Rolf Rybak

Sport 25m, 10
5.11c Special K

Climb the crack to the 4th bolt, then technical climbing to a cruxy finish.

Sport 23m, 7
5.11d Hindu Two Routes Variation

Starts 1 metre right of Special K to join Hindu Two Routes at the 3rd bolt.

Sport 6
5.11b Hindu Two Routes

Pumpy. Start 2m right of Special K.

Sport 22m, 6
5.11a My One Muscle

Up broken rock to the crack, past an overlap and into the large crack after the 3rd bolt

FA: Shannon Sullivan, 2006

Sport 22m, 7
5.11b Get Bent!

Hard start with cruxes near the roof, and another near the top

FA: Shaun Bent, 2006

Sport 22m, 7
5.11b Wingman

Up the arete. The first climb reached on the approach.

FA: Shaun Bent, 2006

Sport 22m, 7
5.12a Back Door Party

To the right of the Wingman arete, to the same anchors.

Sport 20m, 7
5.9 Moss Pit
Sport 12m
5.10b Dynamic Duo

The bolted crack about 12m right of Wingman

FA: Shaun Bent, 2006

Sport 22m, 7
5.10d French Connection

Starts up Dynamic Duo, moving right onto Trekking to India at the 3rd or 5th bolt. Much better value if done at the 3rd.

Sport 22m, 8
5.11c Trekking to India

Up the steep face just right of the Dymanic Duo arete and crack. Eases off after gaining the slab, with a tricky move to the bolts.

FA: Shannon Sullivan, 2008

Sport 24m, 9
5.12b In the Bubble

The steep, crimpy face right of Trekking to India.

FA: Shaun Bent, 2007

Sport 6
Cypress Mountain Arbutus Groove
5.11d Feeling Edgy?
Sport 7m, 3
5.10b One-ended Rope
Sport 7m, 3
5.11b Stepping Stone
Sport 8m, 4
5.10b Corner Route
Sport 8m, 3
5.11b Harlequin Eyes
Sport 8m, 3
5.11a Facial Expression
Sport 7m, 3
Cypress Falls Park Tombstone Tower
5.11b Tomb Raider

Bolted arete on left.

!!!DANGER!!! There is rock instability at this cliff due to tree roots and possible ice over winter. This can be seen from recent rock fall on "Undertaker" and at the top of "Headstone". "Tomb Raider" Should also be climbed with caution.

FA: Rolf Rybak, 2011

Sport 18m, 6
Cypress Falls Park Knucklehead
5.11c Knuckle Head

FA: Rolf Rybak, 2011

Sport 18m, 6
5.11c What the Dog Saw

FA: Rolf Rybak, 2011

Sport 18m, 10
Cypress Falls Park Cougar Crag
5.11c S.O.S.

Left-most line on cliff

FA: Tony Anthonie, 2010

Sport 14m, 5
5.12b On the Prowl 24/7

FA: Tony Anthonie, 2010

Sport 14m, 6
5.11b Flake Route

FA: Aaron Loveless, 2010

Sport 13m, 5
5.12a Double Shot No Foam Soy Latte

Set by Rolf Rybak

FA: Rich Wheater, 2012

Sport 13m, 4
5.12b Jealous Husband

FA: Jeff Schoenfeld, 2010

Sport 13m, 4
5.11a Pool Boy

FA: Rolf Rybak, 2010

Sport 13m, 6
5.10c Awkward Proposition

FA: MIke Teschke, 2010

Sport 12m, 4
5.10d Cougarlicious

FA: Tony Anthonie, 2010

Sport 12m, 5
Lighthouse Park Arbutus Alley
5.10b Hangers

Only bolted line, bouldery start. Set of two bolts to set up anchor/TR

Sport 5
Copper Cove Lost Dreams Wall
5.13a Lost Dreams

Set by Joseph Wong

FFA: Dan Beland, Jun 2016

Sport 15m
Copper Cove Tidal Zawn
5.7 Looking In Keyholes

First climb you see. An easy warm up with some slabby moves.

FA: Drew Brayshaw, 2000

Sport 15m, 7
5.10b Get Your Wire In

Juggy start into a slab. Finish with some technical moves and an overhang traverse.

FA: Robin Barley & Judy Komori, 2000

Sport 30m, 7
5.10c The Demon Driller

FA: Robin Barley & Judy Komori, 2000

Sport 30m, 6
5.10b Blackest of Faces

Route is found just left of the slab up a black face, pull past a block and mantle up to the first anchor. P2, step right 2 metres and up overhang and onto face. The climb can be done in one pitch, communication with the belayer is difficult.

FA: pull past a block, mantle up to the first anchor. P2, step right 2 metres, up overhang, onto face. The climb can be done in one pitch & Robin Barley, 2000

Sport 27m, 2, 9
5.10d Derectal dysfunction

Starts using the first bolt of blackest of faces, then traverse left underneath the second roof of contortionist and join this one on the third bolt all the way to the anchor

Set by Salvador Olson, 2014

FA: Jamie Finlayson, 2015

Sport 23m, 6
5.10c Contortionist

Tiered roof located on the left side of "the blackest of faces" Super fun, pumpy, crimpy and a bit tricky to onsight.

Sport, 6 draws, anchor at the top with chains.

Also top rope, you need to rappel from the top of the cliff, you can get there via both sides of the cliff

Set by Salvador Olson, 2014

FA: Jamie Finlayson, 2016

Sport 20m, 6
5.11a La chimenea de mi abuela

(my grandma's chimney) just climb straight up into a wide flare it shares the first bolt of suspended block face and the anchor of contortionist.

Set by Salvador Olson

FA: Mariana Cairati, 2014

Sport 20m, 6
5.10c Suspended Block Face

The suspended loose rock has since come down, The climb starts up 'La chimenea de mi abuela' and moves directly left after the first bolt up to a ledge. (A direct start can be done as well). Move off the ledge (crux) onto slab to the top.

FA: Robin Barley & Judy Komori, 2000

Sport 25m, 5
5.9 Hey Jude

Intimidating looking climb, but very nice line. Start up notch under a roof till you can step right. Head up the face to a 2nd smaller roof where you move right and up. Run it out to the top afterward. (GROUND FALL POTENTIAL at the 2nd bolt, clip and extend 1st bolt of Neptune's white horse to avoid).

FA: Robin Barley & Judy Komori, 2000

Sport 23m, 5
5.11c The Burnley Butcher Boy

Start-up black bolts past a fun but awkward right-handed side pull. Step right off awkward hand holds up to jug at the start of the crack. Head up the crack to easier ground above.

FA: Mick Hafner, Robin Barley & Doug Jamieson, 2002

Sport 23m, 5
Copper Cove Arid Zawn
5.11a Parched

FA: Robin Barley, 1990

Sport 8m, 2
5.12b Aquaman

Set by Salvador Olson

FA: Jamie Finlayson, 2015

Sport 10m, 5
Copper Cove Copper Cove Wall
5.10c Yellowjackets Glee

FA: Robin Barley & John Fantini, 1997

Sport 22m, 6
5.10c Gleefully Grabbing Granite

FA: Robin Barley & Masa Takai, 2002

Sport 22m, 6
5.10b Tennis Anyone

FA: Robin Barley & Judy Komori, 1998

Sport 20m, 5
5.10b Eavesdropper

Start up the short arete and pull onto the face. Tough moves up past the third bolt lead to gradually easier terrain. Step right and finish up column to anchors.

FA: Robin Barley, 1998

Sport 20m, 5
5.10b Guttersnipe

Start off the boulder and swing your way up the overhang with some groovy moves, extend the 3rd bolt and pull the roof. Enjoyable face climbing to the top. WARNING: 2nd and 3rd bolts are showing signs of corrosion.

FA: Robin Barley & Nick Barley, 1997

Sport 20m, 7
Unknown route

Route straight through the roof on corroded looking bolts.

Sport 3
5.12a The Amazing Fantini

FA: John Fantini & Robin Barley, 1997

Sport 25m, 9
5.8 Pussy Footing

New chain anchor at top

FA: Robin Barley & Judy Komori, 1997

Sport 18m, 4

Showing all 76 routes.

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