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Showing all 84 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Drive In
5.11b Bend It Like Beckham Sport
5.11a Great Ball of Fire Sport
5.10d Creature from the Black Lagoon Sport
5.10b Double Feature Sport
5.10c Grease Sport
Begbie Bluffs Raptor Wall
5.11b Superrealtive

Climb the overhanging dihedral left of "Supertramp"

Sport 23m, 7
5.11a Supertramp Sport 25m
5.10b Juggernaut Sport 25m
5.11a Flashdance Sport 25m
5.10b Forty and something Sport 45m, 2
5.10b The Beak Sport 25m
5.10a Raindance Sport 20m
5.11b Riverting Rumors

A thuggish roof. Fixed draws.

Sport 15m, 5
Begbie Bluffs Rabbit Wall
5.9 Fields of clover

The left most route on wall

Sport 25m
5.10c Jack the rabbit

Start left end of diagonal ramp and straight up slab, or join the top of JB

Sport 25m
5.11b Jacks back

The climb up the middle of the ramp with steep start to slab middle and buttress finish shared with NJPF

Sport 25m
5.10b Nice jugs, pretty face

Steep jugs to high quality quartzite slab, starting at the base of the ramp with steep juggy climbing at first

Sport 25m
5.10b Good guys wear black

Left of corner system onto slab and traverse left below roof

Sport 25m, 7
5.11a Route through roof left of Octagon

Start up he 10b GGWB but at roof go right across lip and then up to chains left of O.

Sport 17m
5.10b Octagon

Up arête just right of overhung corner system

Sport 25m
5.11d Force of one

Right of Octagon with Technical crimpy lower section. Some cams may help between the bolts

Sport 25m, 7
Begbie Bluffs Popeye Wall
5.11c Spanokopota Sport 22m, 7
5.10d Brutus Sport 17m
Begbie Bluffs Creek Wall
5.8 Hooper Sport 20m, 8
5.10a Micro Hydro Sport 18m, 8
Shaketown Left Wall
5.7 Kindygarten

The climb follows the low angle buttress at the far left of the crag.

FA: Olivier Trudel & Mark Hartley, 2014

Sport 18m, 6
5.10a Fuzzy Creatures

The leftmost face climb on the Left Wall, you can either start 2m to the right of the first bolt, and make the traverse back to the left, or head directly up to the second bolt.

Climb over the first small shelf and up the face to a ledge. A last sequence from the ledge up to the lip and anchors requires some high footwork that can be tricky for shorter climbers.

FFA: Graham Baldwin, 2005

Sport 18m, 7
5.9 Attack Cat

This climb starts below a small slopey overhang. While it seems natural to head right to the crack from the first bolt and around this overhang, it can be approached head on. From here head up the face to anchors on a ledge below final lip of the cliff.

Anchors are shared with "Nine Toes".

FFA: Graham Baldwin, 2005

Sport 13m, 5
5.8 Nine Toes

From 2.5m right of "Attack Cat", follow a series of crack systems up and slightly right to the ledge below the final lip of the cliff. Anchors on the ledge are shared with "Attack Cat."

FFA: Graham Baldwin, 2005

Sport 13m, 5
5.8 Little Sundance

Bolted on the face of the buttress in the middle of the Western Crag, the climb starts at the left of the arete and progresses onto the face higher up.

Shares an anchor with "The Hole".

FFA: Troy Kirwan, 1999

Sport 17m, 4
5.10b The Hole

The climb starts its namesake depression in the cliffface. Progress along a left trending quartz vein to a fun overhung mantle. The rest of the route is more slabby in nature, giving this short climb a variety of fun challenges.

Shares an anchor with "Little Sundance"

FFA: Troy Kirwan, 1999

Sport 17m, 4
5.10a Velvet Voices

Start at the left side of the ledge in the middle of the West Crag. Follow the left hand boltline progressing up and slightly left from the ledge.

FA: Derek Marcinyshyn, 1999

Sport 17m, 5
5.10b Sad Cinderella

Start in the middle or at the left side of the ledge in the middle of the West Crag. The route takes the righthand boltline progressing up the face to a small rail. Push the crux from the rail over the lip, and then to the anchor.

FA: Cyndi Bridges, 1999

Sport 17m, 5
5.9 Spider In The Tub

Starting below a rounded buldge, desperatly bash your knee/perform the silly salmon to gain the ledge. Now continue climbing the crack and left facing corner to the lip of the cliff.

Take care whilst clipping the anchor, as there is a distinct lack of an appropriate clipping hold.

FFA: Derek Marcinyshyn, 1999

Sport 15m, 5
5.10b Unidentified Maestro

Starting 3m to the right of "Spider In The Tub" climb the overhanging face. Trend slightly left up the face to avoid ending up in the gully between the Western and Middle Cliffs.

Sport 17m, 6
Shaketown Middle Wall
5.8 No Deal

The leftmost climb of the middle fold at Shaketown. Several Slabby high steps to the anchors.

Sport 4
5.11a 16 Summers, 15 Falls Sport
5.10b Quicksilver daydreams Sport 15m, 5
5.10c Mr. Mud and Mr. Gold Sport
Shaketown Right Wall
5.10b Pancho Lefty

Starting with some tricky moves in the left facing corner, the climb moves onto bigger holds up the face.

Sport 15m, 5
5.11a Two hands

Fun steep climbing on good holds

Sport 15m, 4
5.11a Flying Shoes Sport
5.11c Lungs

Probably best route at the crag. Steep start on big holds. Two cruxes, one right at the anchor.

Sport 15m, 5
5.10d Nowhere road

Follow a obvious crack up to the top of the first lip. Then move left up the arete to the anchors

Sport 15m, 6
5.10a Talking Karate Blues

FA: Derek Marcenyshin

Sport 15m, 5
Waterworld Gangplank
5.11a Baywatch
1 5.11a
2 5.10c
3 5.6

Go directly up from the belay platform and follow the bolts as they bear left

Sport 3
5.11a Mermaid
1 5.10b
2 5.11a
3 5.10b
4 5.6

The climb furthest to the left from the bottom belay platform. Go through the roofs.

Sport 4
5.10d Desperado's Last Ride

A single pitch leading towards the right when on the bottom belay platform. Connect to Baywatch.

Sport 25m
Waterworld Voyage Cliff
5.10d Le Grand Blue
1 5.10c
2 5.10d
3 5.10d
4 5.9

Head left from the belay platform and left again to split from Pirates of the Underworld

Sport 4
5.10b Pirates of the Waterworld
Sport 110m, 3, 17
5.11a Bon Voyage
1 5.11a
2 5.11a
3 5.11a
Sport 3
5.11a Walk of Life
1 5.8
2 5.11a
3 5.10d

Start by heading right as for Bon Voyage, split on the second pitch when Bon Voyage heads left.

Sport 3
Waterworld Gilligans island
5.10c Booby hatch

The birch tree no longer exists. Start just left of arete

Sport 28m
5.10d Top of ladder

Start from top of ladder

Sport 28m
5.9 Boulevard

Up the dihedral/ramp

Sport 70m
5.11b Madness Sport 60m
5.11b No panic in the titanic Sport 60m, 2
5.11a Raven's Destiny Sport 3
Echo Bay By the Trees
5.11c Thunder Perfect Mind Sport 23m, 9
5.12a/b The Enlightenment Sport 20m, 9
5.11d Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Sport 30m, 12
5.12c Bloodsucker Sport 28m, 13
5.12b Fi Sport 19m, 8
Echo Bay Field of Dreams
5.10d Slopey Sport 15m, 9
5.11d Space Cadet Glow Sport 15m, 9
5.8 Shoeless Joe Sport 8m, 4
Blanket Canyon Shampoo Wall
5.11b Zygote Sport 23m, 7
5.10a Schweppes

Bolted corner system.

Sport 26m, 11
5.10c Tree Rustler

3 meters left to "Schweppes"

Sport 26m, 12
Blanket Creek Buttress
5.10b Grey Blanket Protocol

Steep right-facing corner 15 meters to the left of "Undercover".

Sport 15m, 5
5.10c Undercover

The second climb you come to on your left as you descend towards the river. Fantastic climbing through a juggy roof and onto a clever face

Sport 30m
5.11b The Darkside

Sustained and excellent. To the left of the arête and to the right of a freestanding pillar. It goes up a right facing corner through the left side of a low roof. There may be a wooden engraved plaque with the name at the base

Sport 30m, 12
5.11b Dark Matters

Right of Darkside, missing 3 rd bolt, though easier at that point. Up through right side of low roof then up face to ledge and up to slightly higher anchors than Darkside.

Sport 32m
5.11d Blankness

Climb a steep corner system left of the arête past a large roof up gently overhang face. A wooden plaque with the name engraved may be at the base

Sport 27m, 11
5.10c Blanket Arête
1 5.10a 25m
2 5.10c 25m

Climb the line of bolts to the right of the big roof up to a belay platform (p1 5.10a). Use the belay station and bolt line on the right side of the arête, up through a couple of delicate moves (p2 5.10c). The left anchor that you see from the top of pitch one leads you up some very stiff climbing, best avoided for 5.10 climbers. An alternative second pitch goes left up a block and is the retro bolted second pitch to Blankness that goes at 5.9

Sport 50m, 2
5.10d Blanket arête 10 d variant

Climb arête more direct on second pitch

Sport 25m
5.11b Electric Blanket

Traverse left under the roof or you'll end up on a 12!

Sport 20m
5.12b Picnic Blanket

Start the same as Electric Blanket, but continue straight up the roof

Sport 23m
5.10c Tree line - first pitch Sport 25m, 9
Syphon Creek
5.10+ No Refunds Sport 15m, 5
5.10a Iron Cross

As a sport route: dangerously run out between 2nd and 3rd bolts. As a mixed route: one cam for the crack under the roof would be sufficient.

Sport 15m, 3
Haines Creek Park n Ride
5.10c Frequent Flyer

Highest route on the crag, pumpy start on a fairly overhanging route. Trust your footwork.

Sport 10m, 4
5.11a The Hanger

Pretty solid holds all throughout. Soft for the grade, more like a 5.10c

Sport 4
5.11b Hi-Jacked

Start just where the crag indents. Fairly good holds and rests.

Sport 3

Showing all 84 routes.

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