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Showing all 9 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
14 There Ya Go!
Sport 20m
17 Playtime
Sport 10m, 4
15 Beatnik
Sport 15m
20 Wickedness Increased

Direct to Beatnik.

Sport 20m
19 The Full Monty

An excellent link-up extension. Climb Beatnik or Wickedness Increased and continue up the steep groove.

Sport 25m
23 Little Big Bloke

A staunch traverse up and right form Wickedness Increased. Allan Uren.

Sport 15m, 8
12 Seventies Child
Sport 15m
12 Scaifey's

Right of Seventies Child

Sport 10m
15 Dollar Man

Stemming through Dihedral, then slab. Right of Scaifey's.

Sport 10m

Showing all 9 routes.