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Showing all 41 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Crazed Rock
15 Orchid

This is on a small wall up left of the main cliff. The wall 4m left of a diagonal weakness and large tree on the left side of the face. Climb above the bulge then finish up the cracks on the left.

FA: Graham Gittins & Wayne Maher, 1992

Trad 23m
16 Fool's Gold

The attractive left-facing flake-crack on the lower tier, towards the left end of the face.

FA: Chris Baxter & Sue Baxter, 1987

Trad 20m
19 The Desperate and Divided Years

A very good route that climbs the major, left-facing corner in the upper left section of the cliff.

  1. 18m From the small cairn 10m right of Fool's Gold, climb the slabby wall to a large tree (landmark) at the right end of a bushy ledge. Up the corner just right of this to a major horizontal break. Head left on this for 3m to a corner with a wide crack (#4 Friend for belay).

  2. 17m (crux) Step up left to the next corner and climb it.

FA: Chris Baxter & Kieran Loughran, 1992

Trad 35m, 2
19 Jane Duff Memorial

Good, varied climbing. Cairned. This and other names commemorate the experience of walking in circles below the crag in thick fog.

  1. 18m (crux) Straight up the hard little groove 3m right of The Desperate and Divided Years to a horizontal break. Climb the steep wall above, then easy climbing to below a roof. Up the flakes to under the right side of the roof, then go left under it and back right up the crack above it to a corner.

  2. 12m Step right onto the arete and climb it in a dramatic position.

FA: Kieran Loughran & Chris Baxter, 1992

Trad 30m, 2
18 Sisters of the Sun
  1. 16m Start up the shallow groove 7m right of Jane Duff Memorial. Veer slightly right and climb the steep little corner to a ledge below the headwall.

  2. 10m Climb the crack above.

FA: Glen Donohue, Wayne Maher (alternate leads) & andrew webb, 1992

Trad 26m, 2
20 Late for the Sky

A very good climb

  1. 16m Start up the left-leading diagonal crack 3m right of Sisters of the Sun, and immediately left of the small pillar. Climb above the bulge, go slightly left up the slab to the corner. Step left and up the rib to a ledge below a finger-crack.

  2. 10 (crux) Climb the crack.

FA: Glen Donohue, Wayner Maher (pitch two) & andrew webb, 1992

Trad 26m, 2
19 Adrianne

Variants on Late for the Sky. Climb up the corner, as for Late for the Sky, but continue up the crack. Head left below an overlap and up the hanging corner as for Late for the Sky. Traverse right at the overlap to a flake, head up this and the crack above.

FA: Wayne Maher & Graham Gittins, 1992

Trad 25m
18 Lost in the Bush

Good Climbing. Head up the juggy crack on the small buttress 1m right of Late for the Sky. Pull onto the slab above the steep section and go up to the overlap. Go 2m right under this, then climb the wall to join Epic Master at a small tree.

FA: Kieran Loughran & Chris Baxter, 1992

Trad 27m
17 Epic Master

Tackles the middle of the main orange wall with good, sustained climbing. Needs cleaning. Climb the lichenous groove with chicken heads near the middle of the wall, and 2m right of Lost in the Bush. This leads to the foot of an orange ramp which sweeps up left past a small tree to finish steeply straight up.

FA: Wayne Maher & Chris Baxter, 1992

Trad 28m
18 Cash Cow

Brilliant corner.

  1. 20m From below a block on the ground below the major right-facing corner in the upper half of the main cliff, go up right, then back up left on slabs. Take the short corner to a ledge below the main corner.

  2. 20m (crux) Climb the corner.

FA: Wayne Maher & Chris Baxter (alternate leads), 1992

Trad 40m, 2
20 Face Value

Fierce and sustained wall climbing with mediocre protection.

  1. 20m Head up Cash Cow to belay.

  2. 20m (crux) Start 1.5m right of the corner. Head up and slightly right, then up and a little left.

FA: Wayne Maher & Chrix Baxter, 1992

Trad 40m
20 Grazed Kids

Good. Start on the bushy terrace behind the top of Fool's Gold and The Desperate and Divided Years up the left of the two shallow, left-facing corners. Climb up to a crack in the bulge, then the twin cracks through the next bulge. Finish up The Desperate and Divided Years.

FA: Michael Hampton & Geoff Butcher, 1995

Trad 25m
Dazed Rock
20 Project Blizzard

The name is apt, it describes the conditions of the first ascent. The climbing is fair. About 7m left of the right end of the cliff a ramp leads up left to a small eucalypt (landmark) at 6m. From the tree, climb the wall for 2m, then traverse 2m left and climb the major crack.

FA: Stephen Hamilton, Chris Baxter & Sue Baxter, 1992

Trad 20m
Blazed Rock Main Face
7 Rain, Hail or Shine

Up face left of cave, follow chimney crack, up and under large balancing rock, round left and up to finish. Vertical cam crack on right above climb for belay.

FA: Matt White & Caillan Sainsbury, 1 Nov 2014

Trad 20m
15 Rogano

Step off the ledge onto the hanging face. Move up the overlap. Climb a crack on the right through the bulge then up taking either of the two cracks.

Start: Scramble up to a ledge on the left hand side of the south-facing wall.

FA: Chris Cope & Carol Robinson, 1987

Trad 20m
16 Red and Blue

Undercling then layback out of the cave and move up to an overlap. Move slightly right and climb the wall to a groove high on the face and an easy finish.

Start: Starts as for Punchdrunk.

FA: Chris Cope & Carol Robinson, 1987

Trad 25m
17 Punch Drunk

Quite nice.

Start: Starts left of Thunderbirds Are Go! at the cave just left of the arete on the main cliff.

FA: Kevin Lindorff, Michael Wust, Gelnn Tempest & Richard Smith, 1983

Trad 25m
18 The Climbing Barrel
Trad 25m
21 Thunderbirds Are Go

Sustained route on great rock sure to get you pumped.

Start: 'Arete' at the left hand end of the main cliff.

FA: Craig Nottle, Kevin Lindorff - Alt. Leads - as well as Glenn Tempest, Richard Smith, Michael Wust & Lady Penelope (originally done in two pitches), 1983

Trad 25m
23 Modesty Blaise

Up past a bolt (crux) to easier ground.

Start: The major line equidistant from 'Grim Reaper' and Thunderbirds Are Go!

FA: Kevin Lindorff, 1990

Mixed 35m, 1
22 Fireball XL5

Go left and up into the corner just right of an easy line. Climb the corner to the ledge, easier climbing leads to the top.

Start: From the small ledge on 'International Rescue'

FA: Glenn Tempest & Rob Nabben, 1991

Trad 32m
19 Grim Reiver

Start: Jam crack left of 'Grumpy'

FA: Ian (Humzoo) Thomas, Phil Cullen & Andrew Bowman, 1977

Trad 25m
13 Grumpy

Guide books describe this as "It makes you grumpy because it is harder than it looks". Consensus is that it makes you grumpy because it is harder than it is graded! Leaders should be confident at around grade 15/16 before tackling this climb.

Start: Start beneath the obvious chimney/offwidth (initialed) close to the centre of the face.

FA: Bob Connell & Bruno Zielke, 1970

Trad 31m
26 Velcro

Power and finesse.

Start: 3m left of 'All Out'

FA: Mike Law, 1992

Mixed 30m, 5
10 Not Out

Up the crack past a ledge and tree(?) to the top.

Start: 7m left of 'Gnome'

FA: Harley Burke & David Burke, 1970

Trad 31m
17 Gnome

A great climb.

Start: Right end of the cliff beneath an overhang (initialled).

FA: Bob Connell & Bruno Zielke, 1970

Trad 31m
18 Flight of the Sunbird

Climb the flake-crack to overlap. Step right to arete. Up corner.

Start: Curving flake-crack 2.5m left of 'Gnome'.

FA: Campbell Mercer & Matt Walsh, 1997

Trad 32m
13 Arsenic Hour

Previously overlooked for good reason.

Start: Corner right of 'Gnome' then continue up and left on wall to ledge. Left arĂȘte.

FA: Campbell Mercer & Matt Walsh, 1997

Trad 30m
Blazed Rock Pawn Outcrop
15 Black Boy

At the left end of the face there is a corner. Climb this then move right and finish up some jugs.

FA: Aidan Banfield, Martin Bradshaw & Malcolm Beard, 1990

Trad 15m
16 Bawn

1m left of Yawn go straight up the wall, passing Yawn along the way.

FA: Terry Boyd, 1991

Trad 10m
9 Yawn

Climb the left diagonal 5m left of Prawn Crack to an easy finish.

FA: Terry Boyd, 1991

Trad 13m
5 Pawn Crack

Climb up the crack on the right-hand side to a ledge at 6m height, then go left and up the crack.

FA: Harley Burke & David Burke, 1970

Trad 10m
Blazed Rock Imp Butress
9 Impoverished

Climb up the chimney at the south end past a small roof, then head up the crack.

FA: Bill Andrews, 1984

Trad 11m
8 Impecunious

Climb the crack on the front of the outcrop.

FA: Bill Andrews, 1984

Trad 10m
5 Impassioned

The steep juggy line 1m left of Impudent.

FA: David Brereton & Matthew Thom, 1989

Trad 10m
12 Impudent

The crack on the north end of the outcrop.

FA: Bill Andrews, 1984

Trad 9m
Arch Wall
12 Emigre
Trad 15m
15 A Way With the Fairies
Trad 9m
16 Kaffir
Trad 18m
15 Nadre
Trad 15m
20 No Rest For the Wicked
Trad 23m

Showing all 41 routes.