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Showing all 11 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
V3 Top Shelf

Traverse the obvious ledge rightwards and out through the roof to a long move to gain the ledge where it runs out towards the lip of the cave. Finish matched on the sloping ledge just around the corner.

Start: Sit start at the far left of cave on farthest jug.

FA: Dan da Silva, 2000

V7 Universal Soldier

Start as top shelf and climb into broken boy soldier

FA: Daniel da Silva, 2007

V5 Inter-connector

Traverse the back wall as for 'Universal solider' but instead of taking the hard exit up and around the head wall continue out below the lip to do the easier finish of one of the V4's. Super Pumper

Start: As for Top shelf

FA: Daniel da Silva, 2007

V8 Firing Squad

From the starting crimps, climb directly backwards. L/H to gaston, R/H to poor undercling, match, then a weird move gains the 'interloper' pocket on the inside of the lip. Finish up 'Interloper'. The entire top shelf ledge is off limits. A shoulder destroyer! I know

Start: Sit start in about the center of the right hand cave on two fairly incut crimps.

FA: Daniel da Silva

V6 Broken Boy Solider

Slap the big sloper then punch directly back out and around the lip to a bad pocket then back rightish via various bad crimps and edges to finish at the break above. The big slot to the left is off for hands. Classic hardy

Start: Sit start below sloper under lip

FA: Dan, 2000

V4 Toy Solider

Slap up to the big sloper, then climb out around the lip heading leftward to gain the good slot out on the face. Punch directly up from here to finish on the slopey ledge as for 'Top Shelf'. The holds underneath the lip as used for 'Interloper' are off.

Start: Sit start below the big sloper under the lip.

FA: Dan da Silva, 2000

V4 Interloper

A funky problem that climbs the inside lip of the cave. From the sloper make your way through pockets under the lip to gain the good jug on the prow below the finish of 'Top Shelf' Punch a big move for the ledge to finish as for that problem. Rad

Start: As for 4 & 5

FA: Dan, 2007

V1 Ginger Bread Man

From a sit start move up the face via some side pulls to finish at the high break. Traverse off right or jump off

Start: Sit start just outside the cave on the right hand face near the block on the ground.

FA: Daniel da Silva, 2007

V0 Dans Newy

'Dans Newy'

FA: Dan da Silva, 2000

V10 Bullet and a Target

Link Firing squad into broken boy solider exit. The whole top shelf ledge is off as is the good slot out on the little head wall

Start: Sit as for Firing squad,

FA: Daniel da Silva, 17 Mar 2009

V4 Computer Camp

The overhanging arête with a small cave below, on the 'Psycho Ant Wall' (Wagstaffe) side.

Start in dish pocket in cave, and slap out left a bit then up the high arête – bad landing!

FA: Jason Piper, 2000


Showing all 11 routes.