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Showing all 24 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Main Cliff
5.7 The Egg

FA: Sean Therien & Becky Craig

Boulder 10m
5.8 Grovel (II)

FA: Sean Therien & Becky Craig

Boulder 10m
5.9 Johnathon Livingston Seagull

FA: Becky Craig & Sean Therien; FFA - Jonathan Graham

Boulder 10m
V10 Ocean Playground

FA: Sonnie Trotter, 2002

V10 Stone Slinger

FA: Ghislain Losier, 2004

V10 Exciter SDS

FA: Ghislain Losier, 2003

V10 Man of Action

FA: Ghislain Losier, 2003

V2 The Coffin Boulder
V2 The Jugular Traverse Boulder
V7 Behave Boulder
V4 The Bear Boulder
V6 Bulldog Boulder
V7 Une Grippe d'homme Boulder
V4 Big's problem Boulder
V5 The Wave Boulder
V4 Bugs Bunny Boulder
V8 One Scoop Boulder
V4 Orangutang Boulder
V8 White Trash Boulder
V7 I Heel Good Boulder
V0 Orgasmatron Boulder
V3/4 Spankie's arete Boulder
V3 John Doe Boulder
V7 Exciter Boulder

Showing all 24 routes.

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