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Showing all 17 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
6A+ Åland Dålüxe Boulder
5 First and Foremost Boulder
3+ Handskfacket Boulder
5+ Häpp! Boulder
7A+ Henkien kätkemä Boulder
6A Henkirako Boulder
6B Kenkien käskemä Boulder
5 Kojak Boulder
6C Korkin narina Boulder
4+ Never Say Never Boulder
6A No man is an åland Boulder
4 Please, have a seat. Boulder
6A Punainen puolikuu Boulder
5 Rudi's window Boulder
7A+ Rytmihäiriö Boulder
5 That's Right (det stämmer) Boulder
7B+ Uskon puute Boulder

Showing all 17 routes.

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