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Showing all 13 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
4a Nordwand Sport 15m, 6

Nordkante Klebebolts

Sport 10m, 5

Rechts von Nordkante - Expansion Bolts

Sport 10m, 6

Kurze Verschneidung in Nordwest Wand vom Absatz.

Sport 10m, 6
5b Rote Punkte Sport 20m
7a+ Cali Cali Sport 20m
7a+ Trial & Error Sport 20m
6b+ Wassermann

Very technical

Sport 20m
5c Unknown Sport
4c Lang und schön

Nice long route with some really fun sections. There is a belay 4 meter below the top, but a 60m rope is enough to reach the top.

Sport 25m, 12
5b+ Pfusbus Sport 15m, 6
3 Grat Sport 10m, 4

Vom Grossen Lagerplatz in der Ostseite mitte der Wand. Klebebolts

Sport 12m, 5

Showing all 13 routes.

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