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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
East Face

FA: Barry Blanchard, David Cheesmond & Carl Tobin, 1984

WI5 M8 The Sound of Silence

The first part follows the 1984 route, climbing three steeper ice steps with lower-angle snow in between. Papert, Harrington and Lindič continued straight up where the 1984 team escaped to the right. The headwall offers very steep and demanding mixed climbing on very loose and hard-to-protect rock. One bivy is probably mandatory. A cloudy day or starting at night is recommended to avoid getting in trouble with huge spindrifts and avalanches.

Set of cams up to 3 inches, set of nuts, set of micro nuts, six pitons, nine ice screws

The moniker is a tribute to their friend Marc-Andre Leclerc, who had expressed a desire to name a route after the Simon and Garfunkel song before he died in 2018.

FA: Ines Papert, Brette Harrington & Luka Lindič, 3 Apr 2019

Alpine 1100m

Showing all 2 routes.

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