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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Chuck Chuck Creek The Lounge
5.9 Pick-Up Line

Climb the obvious crack.

Cheakamus Canyon Cheakamus Canyon Climbing Area Pony Cave
5.12d My Little Pony

Hard but good jams

Trad 30m
Cheakamus Canyon Cheakamus Canyon Climbing Area The Main Event
5.11b Dog Brain

The extension of Dark Don't Lie, bring gear for the flake. A trad continuation above Cupola Rebuff.

Mixed trad 35m, 5
Cheakamus Canyon Rehabilitation Projects The Speedway
5.9 Beefwhale Trad 50m
5.8 Memphis Bound Trad 2
Cheakamus Canyon Rehabilitation Projects Stump Wall
5.10b Feel Me, I'm 100% Rubber Trad 8m
Cheakamus Canyon Rehabilitation Projects This Is Your Brain
5.9 Jugular Vein Trad 30m
5.10b Mad Science Trad 40m
5.10c Idiot Savant Trad 35m
Cheakamus Canyon Rogues Gallery Tyjax Wall
5.11c Jack of Hearts Trad 20m
Cheakamus Canyon The Gorge Galaxy Buttress
5.8 Beam Me Up, Scotty
1 5.3 27m
2 5.6 25m
3 5.8 20m

Trad climb left of Star Chek. First pitch is a bit chossy, with a gear belay off stump and gear in higher crack. 2nd and 3rd pitch make the climb worthwhile. (Possible 2nd pitch variant up dyke on the right, unknown grade)

FA: Milke Vanwerkhoven, Brian Liu & Alan Trick, 2017

Trad 72m, 3
5.10d Apollo 13
1 5.10d
2 5.10b

From the first rap anchor down the ramp, instead of continuing down the ramp, rap of the edge into the gorge. Climb the mixed route up this face in two pitches. (Then probably the 10c variation of Star Chek to finish).

FA: Kevin McLane & Joe Turley, 1995

Trad 50m, 2
Cheakamus Canyon The Gorge The Leaning Tower of Pizza Wall / Gotham City
5.11a City Limits Trad 12m
5.9 The Leaning Tower of Pizza

Up Chimney

Trad 35m
5.10b Boy Blunder Mixed trad 27m, 5
5.10b Poison Ivy Trad 22m
5.10a Cat Walk Trad 27m
5.10a The Bat Cave Mixed trad 35m, 2, 5
5.9 Alfred Trad 20m
5.10a Escape From Arkum Trad 18m
5.9 Jumping Jeep Dihedral Trad 20m
5.10d Two Face Mixed trad 35m, 8
Cheakamus Canyon The Gorge The Courthouse
5.12a Corpus Delecti Mixed trad 30m, 3
5.10a Pro Rata

Not much pro

Trad 20m
5.8 Pro Nata Trad 25m
Cheakamus Canyon The Gorge The Suburb
5.10d Drag The Magic Puffin

Just left of 9 Inch.

Mixed trad 3
5.8 Nine Inch Rage Against Jane's Tool Trad
5.11a Unknown route

Right of 9 Inch

Mixed trad 2
Cheakamus Canyon The Gorge Trestle Tower
5.6 R East Face

Access Issue: Requires trespassing over rail bridge. No Anchor, Sling summit to reppel

FA: Dick Culbert, Glenn Woodsworth & George Hedley, 1964

Trad 30m
Squamish Murrin Park Bog Wall
5.7 Focus
Trad 10m
5.10a Holy Grail

FA: Dave Jones & Dale Caldwell, 1990

Trad 18m
5.9 Up From the Bog

FA: 1960

Trad 18m
5.11a Fathers and Sons

FA: D. Hutchinson & S. Hutchinson, 1990

Mixed trad 18m, 1
5.9 Veils of Illusion

FA: 1960

Trad 18m
5.9 Black butterfly

FA: 1960

Squamish Murrin Park Sugarloaf
5.10c Tricky Dicky

Follow the flake just right of Howe, It Goes. No bolts at the top

FA: Bob Milward & Joe Buszowski, 1983

Trad 8m
5.8 Orphan

Ramp, flake, stem, overhang corner, step out, lyback. everything in 12m

FA: Howie Richardson & Kevin McLane, 1978

Trad 12m
5.11b Block and Tackle

FA: Perry Beckham & Dean Hart, 1982

Trad 18m
5.8 Holiday in Cambodia

FA: Bob Milward & Scott Young, 1983

Trad 15m
5.9 Howe Boy Meets Girl

Climb the corner crack right of Holiday in Cambodia. Anchor to the trees.

FA: Elizabeth Patterson & Michelle Black, 2006

Trad 15m
5.10b Granola Angst

FA: Larry Ostrander, 1988

Trad 10m
5.11c Measles and Pestilence

FA: Harry Van Oort & Rachel McGhee, 1995

Trad 15m
5.12c Ignorance is Bliss

FA: Steve Townsend & Andrew Boyd, 2001

Trad 10m
5.7 The Mechanic
Trad 20m
5.4 Flat Battery

Climb the very obvious and large crack on the left side of the wall. Anchor is the same as The Mechanic.

Trad 20m
5.8 Power Smart
Trad 20m
5.4 Magnet
Trad 20m
5.6 Jump Start
Trad 22m
5.4 Little Spark
Trad 22m
5.7 Lieback Crack

Large wide corner. No anchor at the top.

FA: Les McDonald, 1965

Trad 20m
5.11c Mandela

FA: Kevin McLane & Joe Turley, 1986

Trad 20m
5.11b Thriller off the Void

Technical thin crack. No anchor at the top.

FA: Royal Robins & Jim Sinclair, 1971

FFA: Dave Lane, 1978

Mixed trad 20m, 3
5.11d California Reamin'

FA: Colin Moorhead, 2010

Trad 15m
5.10c Hot Wire

FA: Tim Holwill, 1985

Trad 18m
5.11b Heavy Charge
Trad 15m
5.7 Stairway

Start up the ramp then move left onto the steep wall. Use positive holds to continue upwards. No anchor bolts at the top.

FA: John Coope & Karl Winter, 1962

Trad 15m
5.4 Diamonds & Spades
Trad 15m
Squamish Murrin Park The Brunser Area
5.10a Sunny Girl

Left variant of Sunny Boy. Shoot left midway after large crack.

FA: Luc Mailloux & Robin Korba, 1996

Trad 25m
5.10a Sunny Boy

FA: Luc Mailloux & Tyler Stayer, 1996

Mixed trad 25m, 3
5.10c The Bro

FA: Peter Hiltner & Jack Lewis, 1983

Mixed trad 20m, 1
5.10c Washington Bullets

FA: Peder Ourom & Daryl Hatten, 1982

Trad 20m
5.10c Washington-Brunser Connection

FA: Gary Korba & Luc Mailloux, 1994

Trad 30m
5.11a The Brunser Overhang

FA: Tony Cousins & Jim Sinclair, 1963

FFA: Dave Loeks & William Putnam, 1975

Trad 20m
5.13a Seams Easy

FA: Andrew Boyd, 1999

Mixed trad 20m, 1
5.10a Fist

Tree Anchor

FA: Joe Turley & G Kristiensen, 1962

Trad 22m
5.9 Handful

FA: Jim Campbell & John Coope, 1981

Trad 15m
5.8 Up For Grabs

FA: Jim Campbell & John Coope, 1981

Trad 10m
5.8 Flake Off (aka Flake On)
Trad 25m
5.6 Flake On
Trad 20m
5.4 Wakey Wakey
Trad 50m
Squamish Murrin Park Betazoid / The Milkman's Wall
5.10d Mickey Mantle

FA: Gary Korba & Luc Mailloux, 1994

Trad 10m
5.8 Milkmaid

FA: john howe & Blake Robinson

Trad 15m
5.10d Lena

FA: John Howe & Blake Robinson, 1985

Trad 25m
5.10c Jesus Eyes

FA: Colin Moorhead & Emilisia Frirdich

Mixed trad 28m, 1
5.10c Fallout

Climb past a fixed pin in a shallow corner right of Jesus Eyes. Continue up to a leftward traverse into a crack, pull onto the Wakey Wakey slab and climb to a high anchor. The name Bellevue was given to a 1962 climb graded 5.6 that seems to match the modern line of Fallout. The disparity in grades has created much confusion.

FA: (Bellevue) Hamish Mutch & Ian Kennedy, 1962

FFA: (Fallout) John Howe & Jim Campbell, 1982

Trad 28m
5.10c Zaxxon

FA: Colin Moorhead & Calvin Adams, 2011

Mixed trad 28m, 2
5.11a Xodus

FA: Jim Baldwin & Jim Sinclair, 1961

FFA: Eric Weinstein & Gordie Smaill, 1976

Trad 20m
5.10b Tourist Delight

FA: Jim Baldwin & Ken Baker, 1961

FFA: Andreas Maurer & Kevin Mclane, 1975

Trad 25m
5.11c Mr. Crabbe

Start as for Xodus, but follow the diagonal fault from left to right across the wall to finish on Horrors Of Ivan.

FFA: Peter Croft & Mike Beaubien, 1982

FA: Royal Robbins, 1982

Trad 35m
5.10d Mr. O'Clock

FA: Peter Croft & Hamish Fraser, 1982

Trad 20m
5.11c El Indio

Climb right of Mr. O'clock past a bolt. Move into the Horros of Ivan cave; finish above on good but spaced pro.

FA: Kevin McLane, 1985

Mixed trad 20m, 1
5.11c Horrors of Ivan

FA: Peter Croft, Hamish Fraser & Tami Knight, 1982

Mixed trad 20m, 2
5.10c The Weak Link

Start this excellent link-up by climbing to the first bolt of The Pass. Head left and up to the Horrors Of Ivan cave, then traverse leftward to finish at the top of Mr. O'clock.

FA: Colin Moorhead & Kai Hirvonen, 2000

Mixed trad 3
5.9 The World's Toughest Milkman

FA: Peder Ourum & Clive Thompson, 1981

Trad 15m
Squamish Murrin Park Genesis
5.8 Cain and Able

The corner. Clip the second-to-last bolt of Original Thin before face climbing out left. Hike right to the chains.

FA: Jeremy Frimer, 2009

Mixed trad 20m, 2
5.10b Geniside

FFA: Rob Rohn, 1982

Mixed trad 25m, 2
5.10a Genesis

FA: Hamish Mutch & Ian Kennedy, 1961

Trad 25m
Squamish Murrin Park Baldwin Crack Area
5.6 Beginner's Luck
Trad 20m
5.10c Lost Friendships
Trad 25m
5.12c The Punisher
Trad 25m
5.11d The Baldwin Roof
Trad 22m
5.12c Wabbit Handcuffs

FA: Tim Crawshaw, 1994

Mixed trad 4
5.10b Cruisin' for Grins

FA: Perry Beckham, 1986

Squamish Murrin Park Zoë
5.10c In the Firing Line

Begin with Staples of the Gluten Intolerant but continue straight up the corner to some small roofs. Finish with some face climbing and slanted ledges. Good 2-3 size cam between bolt 2 and 3.

FA: Chris Small & Kevin Henshaw, 2012

Mixed trad 26m, 3
Squamish Murrin Park The Shaman
5.10d Tia

FA: Nick Jones, 1989

Trad 2
5.10c When the Fat Lady Sings

FA: Kevin McLane & John Howe, 1992

5.10c Woz on the Edge

FA: Stu Wozney, Hamish Fraser & Peder Ourom, 1992

5.10d Raven

FA: Nick Jones & Bill Noble, 1989

5.10a Any Doubt Run It Out

FA: Jia Condon & Andrew Howell, 1992

5.11b Big Fish in a Little Pond

FA: Peder Ourom & W. Shumka, 1991


Showing 1 - 100 out of 1,038 routes.

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