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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Spillimacheen Hueco wall
5.10+ 1B Unnamed

This is the 2nd pitch of '1A Corner Crack'.

Sport 18m, 8
5.9 2 Unnamed
Sport 42m, 12
5.10- 3 Unnamed
Sport 42m, 10

another long bolt line, start just right of the slab of '3 Unnamed'.

5.9 5.10+ 4 Unnamed
Sport 45m, 2, 14
5.8 Left of Frete Arete
1 5.7 20m
2 5.8 25m

Climb the face just left of the dihedral of the '5 Fret Arret' corner.

Sport 45m, 2
5.7 5 Fret Arret
Sport 25m, 6
5.7 5A No Sweat
Sport 25m, 7
5.10+ 6 Portala

This continues as a second pitch of '8 J.P.', '9 Unnamed', or '10 Oh Suzanna'.

Sport 21m, 8
5.10+ 7 Liamski

This climb continues as a second pitch of '11 The Edge'.

Sport 21m, 8
5.10- 8 J.P.

Cruxy moves at first two bolts, get your feet up. Then nice and cruisy to top of big flake, good time.

There are two bolt lines side by side on this face, if someone could please edit the topo to show the correct line for this route and add the second route.

Sport 23m, 5
5.10+ 10 Oh Suzanna
Sport 26m, 8
5.11- 11 The Edge
Sport 25m, 9
5.10+ 12 Spillo Armarillo
Sport 28m, 9
5.10+ 13 Wahini
Sport 45m, 19
5.10+ 14 Nectar
Sport 25m, 2, 19
5.10+ 15 Kugelmuti
Sport 45m, 2, 19
5.10a Anglepussy
Sport 45m
5.10- 16 Bachouko
Sport 45m, 2, 15
5.10- 17 Bobby's Catwalk

A good solid climb to the left of the big crack/depression on the rock

Sport 44m, 14
5.9 18 Viola
Sport 30m, 11
5.10- Unknown

Unknown 5.10 to the right of '18 Viola'

Sport 28m

Another bolt line going up the yellow rock under the low roof.

5.10b Black Slab 2
Sport 22m, 6
5.10+ Black Slab 3
Sport 22m, 6
5.9 Black Slab 4
Sport 22m, 7
5.10a Red Slab 1
Sport 19m, 6
5.9 Red Slab 2
Sport 18m, 6
5.9 Red Slab 3
Sport 16m, 6
Spillimacheen Kuba Wall
5.9 Nasty Girl
Sport 18m, 4
5.8 Little Fishes
Sport 15m, 4
5.10+ Tremuloides
Sport 17m, 5
5.10a Sci Friction
Sport 17m, 4
Spillimacheen Nathan's wall
5.7 Unnamed 5.7
Sport 13m
5.8 Unnamed 5.8
Sport 14m
5.10a Darkness Descending

The Crux is getting my to and past the first boot up to the ledge. A Boulder problem start

Sport 22m, 5
5.10a Too Many Ledges

Make the burly first moves to great ledges the whole way up. Trick is to find which ones to use. Starts to the right of a big boulder **

Sport 19m, 5
5.11c Duelling Banjos

This tackles the striking white wall above the overhang on the right side of the area.

Wander up to the large overhang. Utilizing amazing finger locks pull over the overhang and get established on the smooth wall above.

Move up leftwards before a tricky right move at the last bolt allows a sloping ledge below the chains to be gained.

Muster one last move up to the chains.

Sport 20m, 6
5.10c Pseudosuga

Climb the wall up to the overhang and moving slightly right continue on up to wall. Right side of the area

Sport 20m, 5
5.10+ Kissing Cousins Left
Sport 16m, 4
5.10+ Kissing Cousins Right
Sport 16m, 4
5.10b Spilli Chilli
Sport 16m, 4
5.10+ Jubilation
Sport 16m, 4
Sport 16m, 5
5.10b Unnamed
Sport 17m, 4
5.12a Fructosis

First route to the right of two big crack systems (dirty & loose) Wonderful climbing if you dont mind not having any real holds, burly & bold! Hardest route on the cliff *

Sport 18m, 6
5.11a Eat More

Lots of energy to pull the hard first 2 bolts, have a snack first!

Sport 16m, 5
5.11b Stick Clip

Hard face climbing, keep your feet on the wall and heed the name

Sport 17m, 5
5.11b Slanters & Slopers
Sport 14m, 4
5.11a Fear Feather

Climb up a protruding mini buttress passing the first 2 bolts. Get established on the wall proper, and continue up making a tricky 4th clip then up to better holds above the clip.

Finish more easily above via a shallow right facing groove.

I suspect the topo for this is actually 'Unnamed' and that Fear Feather should actually be the first route left of the big open crack

Sport 20m, 6
5.11a Unnamed
Sport 16m, 5
5.10+ Cryptogama
Sport 14m, 4
5.10a Howl
Sport 14m, 4
5.10a Pizza Face

about 30m left of 'Dolomite Boogie'.

Sport 15m, 5
5.10c Dolomite Boogie

Climb the sustained face trending slightly leftwards.

Sport 20m, 5
5.10c/d Englishmen are...

Climb the wall via directly beneath a very small overlap at mid hight. Continue up the wall to pass a larger overlap just below the top.

Sport 18m, 5
5.10b Salmonella Ecstasy
Sport 18m
5.9 Estrogen Arete

After a steep and tricky start to get established on the arete, romp up the arete enjoying the moves and the fine position.

Sport 20m, 5
5.10a/b Flamenco
Sport 21m
5.10+ Elbow Drive
Sport 21m, 4
5.11d Spanner
Sport 21m, 4
Spillimacheen Julian's crag
5.8 Red Beans & Rice
Sport 14m, 5
5.9 Huevos Rancheros
Sport 16m, 5
5.10d Unnamed
Sport 18m, 6
5.10+ Unnamed
Sport 15m, 4
5.12d Sweet Potatoe Pie
Sport 14m, 6
5.12a Sarah's Smile
Sport 16m, 6
5.11a Cling Peaches

Next to the hard looking 12.a

Sport 16m
5.10c Unnamed
Sport 12m, 4
St Mary's The Crusader Wall
5.10a Bonzai Sport 25m, 10
5.10d Walls End Sport 25m, 10
5.10c Sledge Hammer Sport 32m, 11
5.8 Climber's Hands and Hard Boiled Eggs Sport 30m, 11
5.12d Climbers Crusade Sport 33m, 11
5.13a The Last Crusade Sport 33m, 11
5.12c The Last Boiled Egg Sport 30m, 11
5.10c The Story Sport 15m, 7
5.11a The Neverending Story Sport 35m, 13
St Mary's Prime Realestate Wall
5.10a Unforeseen Spice Sport 25m, 11
5.10c Spice Up Your Life Sport 35m, 15
5.12b Git'er Done Sport 27m, 12
5.11d Prime Real Estate Sport 27m, 11
5.11c Streaker Sport 25m, 10
5.10b Square One Sport 25m, 7
5.12a Lightning Bolt Sport 25m, 8
5.11a The Chump Show Sport 25m, 8
5.10c Expose Yourself Sport 25m, 8
5.11b Divinity Sport 30m, 12
5.11a Maximum Exposure Sport 30m, 11
5.9 The Swan Sport 25m, 9
St Mary's The Basement
5.10a Bombs Away Sport 10m, 4
5.10b Whammo Sport 12m, 5
5.8 Nine Nine Sport 11m, 5
5.11a A Wee Bit Rumpy Pumpy Sport 11m, 5
5.8 Old School Sport 11m, 4
5.7 Pardon My French Sport 11m, 5
5.10b In Your Face Sport 10m, 4
5.8 Lighten Pantz Sport 11m, 4
Perry Creek Slabhedrals
5.7 Left Hand Slab Sport
5.7 Right Hand Slab Sport

Showing 1 - 100 out of 196 routes.

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