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Showing all 24 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
6a Last cubista Sport 22m
5c Variant Sport 6m
6a+ Il buttuaori Sport 25m
6c+ Ali shuffle Sport 25m
6c+ Sex machine Sport 25m
7a Turbo tubbies Sport 30m
6b Charlie e jasmine Sport
5c Picimania Sport
5b Barry white Sport
5c Gloria gaynor P1 Sport 17m
7a Stellina Sport 14m
7a+ Disco inferno Sport 24m
6c Le freak Sport 25m
6c Santa esmeralda Sport 25m
6c+ The sunshine band Sport 22m
6c+ Celebration Sport 15m
6c Black is black Sport
6a+ Paolitis Sport 15m
6a Super laura Sport 22m
6b+ Tony manero Sport 32m
6b+ Svavolati on the road Sport 33m
6b Meneito Sport 30m
6b+ El tiburon Sport 30m
5c Vai co lisico Sport 20m

Showing all 24 routes.