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Showing all 83 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Cattleyard Crag West Face
25 Afghan
Sport 15m, 5
18 Heli Beli
Sport 20m, 6
16 * Butt Crack Wedgy
Sport 20m, 6
17 * Bathroom Refugee
Sport 20m, 6
18 *** Gorillas in the Schist
Sport 25m, 7
24 *** Schistose Intolerance
Sport 20m, 7
21 Merry Schistmas
Sport 20m, 7
Cattleyard Crag East Face
24 ** The One Left
Sport 20m, 8
24 ** Should Have Gone First
Sport 20m, 8
16 ** This One
Sport 15m, 6
15 That One
Sport 15m, 5
Cattleyard Crag Back Side
17 Done with Flair

Starts just right of the left arete, and follows the arete and face to lower off.

Sport 10m
19 ** Gluten Free Vegan
Sport 15m
22 ** Disneyland

Obvious small roof with a crack in it; climb the corner, roof, then up to anchor.

Sport 15m
20 Pile of Schist
Sport 15m
21 * Schist the Bed
Sport 15m
17 * Schistocrat
Sport 20m
25 *** Should Have Tried Harder
Sport 15m
Cattleyard Crag Moa Pit
17 What a Pitty

Just left of 'Done with Flair'. Climb the arete and face above the right end of the pit.

Sport 10m, 6
26 ** Moa Pit

Traverse left from 'What a Pitty' start, then up the next line of bolts.

Sport 15m, 7
22 * Bone Yard

Traverse left from 'What a Pitty' start to the crack and face above the pit.

Sport 20m, 8
Cattleyard Crag Lost Boulder
19 Shady Rest
Sport 15m, 3
21 ** Lost
Sport 15m, 3
22 ** Still Lost

Bridging out right to other boulder is out.

Sport 15m, 5
Little Big Wall
14 * There Ya Go!
Sport 20m
17 * Playtime
Sport 10m, 4
15 Beatnik
Sport 15m
20 * Wickedness Increased

Direct to Beatnik.

Sport 20m
19 ** The Full Monty

An excellent link-up extension. Climb Beatnik or Wickedness Increased and continue up the steep groove.

Sport 25m
23 ** Little Big Bloke

A staunch traverse up and right form Wickedness Increased. Allan Uren.

Sport 15m, 8
12 * Seventies Child
Sport 15m
12 Scaifey's

Right of Seventies Child

Sport 10m
15 Dollar Man

Stemming through Dihedral, then slab. Right of Scaifey's.

Sport 10m
The Tombstone
10 Six feet under
Sport 7m, 3
17 ** Lincoln Blondes Have More Fun

FA: kevin nicholas & Guy Cotter

Sport 15m, 4
17 * Fingers Columbia

FA: russell braddock

Sport 15m, 4
18 * Rusty Pins

FA: guy cotter

Sport 15m, 6
20 ** Disco Inferno
Sport 15m, 3
24 ** Lunge Starter

FA: Lionel Clay

Sport 15m, 4
22 * Pitch Black
Sport 15m
24 Punjab
Sport 15m, 4
The Engine Block
12 * The Radiator

Classic slab moves.

Sport 15m, 4
25 Drop the Clutch

Strenuous moves to the first clip, then power left up the arete and steep face. Don't get sucked onto the slab face after the second clip, it doesn't count.

Sport 15m, 3
29 * Engage

A steep and powerful route trending up and left.

Sport 15m, 4
Whale watching wall
23 * Hobo Humping slobo babe

off the upper block

Sport 15m
24 * 10 Boy scouts
Sport 15m
The Main Cliff
20 ** Felines of Rata

Short and gnarly

Sport 10m, 3
20 Don't call me shorty

But it is a short route. Climb the slab

Sport 10m, 2
18 ** Bang My Drum

Left hand side of the arete and wall.

Sport 20m, 4
17 ** Headbangers Arete

This is a classic sharp arete, with fairly sustained climbing up nicely textured rocks. All bolts are well-spaced. Some holds are a little shiny from use.

FA: murray ball

Sport 20m
18 * After Burner

A forced contrivance. Start Headbangers Arete then climb right on the knobbly wall.

FA: chris hughes

Sport 14m
18 * Straight Up The Face

Start Wasted on the Wing but continue straight up the wall. It's a long way to the first bolt.

Sport 15m, 4
13 * Do I Have To
Sport 12m
12 Quite Nifty

FA: Ed Nepia

Sport 20m
12 Mainly Trampling

A short one to help spread out the crowds.

Sport 10m
The Hangover
19 *** She's a Little Goer
Sport 15m
14 Peewee

Start as for She's a Little Goer but traverse right under the roof. Access for Papparazzi's Revenge.

20 ** Paparazzi's Revenge

From the Peewee anchor traverse right under the roof then move up the exposed face. 30m abseil to the ground, make sure you have a 60m rope.

23 ** Pocket Edition
Sport 15m, 5
The Conservatory
20 ** Showtime

Can be climbed either as two pitches or as one long pitch. Layback onto a low-angle face climb, once at anchors head right up steeply through jugs.

Sport 25m
23 ** A Long Time Coming

Access via the hand lines moving right. First route on left. Turn the ArĂȘte, then head left and up through beautifully featured stone. Nice tech climbing on good edges.

Sport 25m
20 ** Critics Choice
Sport 30m, 8
21 ** At Your Leisure

Traverse right, turn the bulge and up the face.

Sport 15m
19 * Wanna be a Crack Climber

Really two routes with same start. Climb featured face on left or right.

Sport 15m
23 ** Suck the Kumara
Sport 19m, 4
22 ** The Bastard of Cleardale
Sport 17m, 5
17 ** El Nino
Sport 18m, 4
21 ** 74HQ
Sport 16m, 4
20 * Mum's on the Run
Sport 14m, 3
23 ** Creepy Crawler
Sport 13m, 3
22 ** Sisters of Mercy
Sport 16m, 5
22 * Shark Chirac
Sport 16m, 5
19 * Hap Hazard

Up left facing corner/arete to ledge, then steep headwall

FA: C Beavan

Sport 19m, 6
17 * Bella Linguini

FA: Dave Hiddleston

Sport 19m, 4
26 * Who Stole My Doris
Sport 21m, 5
27 ** No Sweat
Sport 21m, 6
24 ** All That Remains

two boulder problem split by a good rest.

Sport 21m, 6
25 *** Mental As Anything
Sport 21m, 5
18 Where's The Goddamned Drill?


Sport 4
19 ** Winners and Losers

Up the left trending crack, mantle, up the face, through the rooflet and exit left to anchors.

Sport 20m
Warm Leatherette Buttress
22 ** Doing the world a favour
Sport 15m
19 ** Honey I bolted the crack
Sport 12m
18 * Quick fix
Sport 12m

Showing all 83 routes.