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Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
projekt 2 SportProject Berner Jura
7c+ maschikuli Sport Berner Jura
V12 The deputy
Boulder Squamish
7c+ troumtheater Sport Berner Jura
8a papilio xuthus Sport Berner Jura
7a+ vinifuni Sport Berner Jura
8b/b+ dimmu borgir Sport Berner Jura
7c/c+ hose abe Sport Berner Jura
projekt SportProject Berner Jura
8a+/b festi'neuch Sport Berner Jura
7b+/c ? Sport Berner Jura
8b projekt SportProject Berner Jura
7a+ jumping jackson Sport Berner Jura
6+ Shadow on the Wall
Sport 8 Göllmassiv
6-/6 Kellerbauer
1 6-/6
2 2
3 4+
4 5
5 6-
6 6-/6
7 5
Mixed trad 7, 1 Göllmassiv
5.8 C1 R Project 1

第一段:灌木+Slab+Runout+零星裂缝;第二段:缝+烟囱。 anchor=tree,顶部目前有一个bolt。 第一段由机长全程free完成,第二段由老聂aid完成,第二段有free的可能性。

FA: 机长 & 老聂, 19 Oct

TradProject 80m, 2 白河 Baihe
28 Gatekeeper

Branch L off Spookeye p1. Find the key to the stopper start and be rewarded with brilliant pockets.

FFA: Steven Ioannou, 5 Jul

Sport 30m Castle Hill
26 Crazy Train
1 26 32m
2 18 22m
3 12 10m

All aboard! Easier to rap down Spookeye.

  1. The best pitch on the hill. Star 2m L of Sppokeye p3. Up groove.

  2. Up on interesting rock.

  3. A dawdle. Descend via Spookeye.

FFA: Chris Beric & Steven Ioannou, 31 May

Sport 64m, 3 Castle Hill
V0 Wet Willy Boulder Wiswall Boulders
V5 Black Magic Boulder Wiswall Boulders
V4 White Magic Boulder Wiswall Boulders
5.6 Popcorn Trad 3 Musquodoboit Valley Area
5.13a Splitting Coins Sport Musquodoboit Valley Area
5.11a Chivalry Isn't Dead Sport Musquodoboit Valley Area
5.11c Magister Ludi Sport Musquodoboit Valley Area
V2 The Umbrella Traverse Boulder Rumney
V0 Umbrella Traverse Arete Boulder Rumney
V13 Umbrella Project (Satanic Right) Boulder Rumney
V4 Sick Man Says "Deadpoint" Boulder Rumney
V3 Sick Man Says "Barf" Boulder Rumney
V10 Satan's Sister Sally Boulder Rumney
V10 Satan on a Halfshell

FA: Dave Graham

FA: John Sherman

Boulder Rumney
V6 Extendo Reacho Boulder Rumney
V6/7 Bumbershoot Bonanza

FA: 2020

Boulder 5m Rumney
Honeytree Trad 12m Sorrow's End
5.11d R Sinker Swim Trad 12m Sorrow's End
5.9 Flake 'n' Bake

FA: Ian Cruickshank & Brad White, 2000

Mixed trad 20m, 1 White Mountains
5.10a G Moon Wizard 2: Daddy's Overdraft

Gear anchor

Trad 17m Sorrow's End
The Horror Trad 12m Sorrow's End
5.10c Incisor Crack

FA: Brad White & Ian Cruickshank

Trad 18m White Mountains
5.11b Long Time Coming
Unknown 17m, 6
Sorrow's End
23 Bramble Scramble

Up the ramp to steep and funky orange groove.

Sport 15m Castle Hill
22 Glory Jugs

A decent route, blessed with some good jugs.

FFA: Chris Beric, Katarina Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 5 Sep

Sport 8m Castle Hill
22 Pocket Rocket

The name say's it all!

FFA: Chris Beric, Katarina Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 5 Sep

Sport 8m Castle Hill
23 Made in France

Up balancy face, then choose to quest up the groove or the often wet crack. Pull over bulge, then tiptoe up enjoyable slab to anchors.

FFA: Jarrah, Marina Haintz & Katarina Damjanovic, 5 Aug

Sport 17m Castle Hill
23 French Braids

Traverse right from 'Made in France' anchor then up exposed finish.

FFA: Jarrah, 8 Sep

Sport 22m Castle Hill
5.11a Doigt dans l’nez
Mixed trad 1 Lac Blanc
5.11b Julep
Sport Lac Blanc
30 Where's My Drill Bit?

A clean line on exceptionally solid rock with intense crimps and pockets.

FFA: Steven Ioannou, 28 Aug

Sport 15m Castle Hill
28 Spitfire Direct

Straight up the white streak

FFA: Steven Ioannou, 2 Oct

Sport 17m Castle Hill
5.7 Chauve souris 2

Crack avant le diere

Trad Lac Blanc
23 Goldmine

Shares the first six bolts of Spookeye pitch 3. Instead of traversing R, the line continues straight up directly through the rooflet. Quest up to the mini-cave where you strike a golden rest before the final challenging moves to the anchor jugs. Stay clear of the suspect blocks directly up and above the anchors. There's gold in them hills!

FFA: Chris Beric, Katarina Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 26 Jun

SportProject 28m Castle Hill
5.6 Chauve-souris

La crack dans le diedre

Trad Lac Blanc
24 The Batman

Reachy start with an optional batman to the first jug. Sustained and enjoyable with closely spaced bolts.

FFA: Chris Beric, Katarina Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 1 Aug

Sport 15m, 13 Castle Hill
5.10a Lézard

Avant dernière ligne de bolt

Sport Lac Blanc
25 The Joker

Put on a happy face for cruxy moves off the ground!

FFA: Chris Beric, Katarina Damjanovic & Steven Ioannou, 12 Sep

Sport 15m Castle Hill
Camp Hitaga Project

looks dope!

SportProject 25m Point Perpendicular
22 Gaston Brothers

A challenging start!

FFA: Chris Beric, Steven Ioannou & Katarina Damjanovic, 29 Aug

Sport 8m, 6 Castle Hill
22 Lazy Boi

Start 1m right of Sofa King, Bring a couple of medium-sized cams (#1-4), Mostly rings.

FA: Mitchell Stewart & davedave, 6 Oct

Trad Point Perpendicular
20 Slab Ambassadors

Extension to Wings of Steel - a real slab adventure for true slab ambassadors!

FFA: Chris Beric & Jarrah, Aug 2020

Sport 15m, 15 Castle Hill
16 Wings of Steel

Grade 16 to midway anchor on some unbelievable scoops followed by a crimpy crux.

FFA: Chris Beric, Steven Ioannou & Jarrah, Aug 2020

Sport 8m, 7 Castle Hill
5.8 Une periode

Derniere ligne a gauche, premier mouvement plus dur que 5.8

Sport 15m Lac Blanc
18 Flower Power

A good crag warm up. A tricky start and finish with a flowery middle!

FFA: Chris Beric, Michelle Phan & Jarrah, 18 Jul

Sport 15m, 13 Castle Hill
5 Sin nombre (22) - Derecha
Sport Vilamarxant
5.11a Air Togo

Bolted route in-between Shower in a Briefcase and Half Wits(trad) has good holds with a slight bend to the right leading up to the roof crux. Be careful not to clip into the adjacent route on the right at the roof section.

Sport Beaver Valley
6- Hin Håle
Trad Stugun
6+ Klätterkalas
Sport Stugun
6 Klettren für alle
Sport Stugun
5+ Klätter Petter
Sport Stugun
5- Sopa Zeke
Trad 40m Stugun
4- Varför
Trad Stugun
6- Talgoxen
Trad Stugun
6 Broilern
Trad Stugun
5- Glasstruten
Trad Stugun
4 Kort spricka
Trad Stugun
6 Startsvårigheter
Trad Stugun
5+ Mulliga MAj
Trad Stugun
4 Skogskalle
Trad Stugun
5+ m11?
Sport 9 Stugun
4+ Mossiga musen
Trad Stugun
5+ m9?
Sport 9 Stugun
4 Fina Stina
Trad 40m Stugun
4 Musgruppen 4
Sport 3 Stugun
4 Musgruppen 3
Sport 3 Stugun
4 Musgruppen 2
Sport 3 Stugun
5 Musgruppen 1
Sport 3 Stugun
5 Fåntanblå
Sport Stugun
3 Balla bullar
Trad Stugun
3 Gröna mattan
Trad Stugun
4 Gömsprickan
Trad Stugun
5+ Rückkragen
Trad Stugun
7+ Bale hopp
Trad Stugun
6 Cuba si
Trad Stugun
6+ Tresexti
Sport 5 Stugun
6+ Full rulle
8-/8 Rebuffa
Mixed trad 5 Stugun
7- Hävsträcket
Trad Stugun
6- Bräsvecket
Trad Stugun
8 Dansant
Mixed trad 3 Stugun
8 MarKAnt
Mixed trad 5 Stugun

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.