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  1. (28.168659, -16.512337) Don't block the residents, take the path to the right down to the barranco, then uphill along the riverbed until you see the walls on the left.

  2. From Arico take the trail behind the chapel (28.170841, -16.506351) direction west in the barranco.

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Please keep the crags noise free and clean. Take your trash and toilet papers with you. Locals tend to bring dogs to the crag. It is good manners to use your own gear at the anchors for lowering or setting up top-ropes. Use the anchor rings/carabiners only for the final lower-off after cleaning.


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Looks more solid and tempting than it is. Also the top out is on some birdshit covered holds. Bring a complete cam set and nuts. We used from BD 0.3 til 2. Some are needed twice.

Very nice finger crack, with cool moves. It's way better to belay from the plateau! There is a rock flake and a small tree for a good belay station. Otherwise you get a lot of rope drag and you have to do the key moves just above the plateau. You might need some smaller cams till 0.75 and some stoppers. Bring a double rack.

Could have some lechen on it, due to less traffic. The crack itself is fun to climb. The only downside is the small plateau after the start. You might need BD 0.3 - 0.75. Best a double rack.

Most climbed, most fun trad route here. At the start use especially micro cams. Stoppers are also possible, but have to be placed a little higher up. In the crack you can place up til BD 2. One Bolt at the starting slab.

5min to the right. Walk along the cliff, a bit overgrown and bushy, but it's worth the effort to reach the nice easy sector with solitude and view.

Interesting structures and moves, but unsolid rock and rusty bolts. We didn't trust the anchor and topped out anyway to save the bushy way back...

Bolts look very rusty.

Old Via Ferrata, rusted steel rope, but steps look solid. Maybe good to topout to save the approach back. (We topped out a route, then a bit bush to the road just above the crag and easy walk down the road back to the parking...)


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