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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Unknown year
5.12a ** Suicide Bomber

Such a contrived route. TBH it should have its bolt cut as it squeezed in way to close to the neighbours. Apparently it climbs without any use of the jugs out right which are right close to the bolts. Stay very closely to the bolt line. Powerful crimps up the face. Short and soft

Sport 12m, 5 Lake Lakit
5.11a Moustache stampede Sport Lake Lakit
* Perpetual Apathy SportProject 7 Lake Lakit
5.9 * Special Delivery Sport 7 Lake Lakit
5.12d ** Air Strike

Short but packs an absolute punch. Climbs the steepest part of this sector up a very thin crack. Pure power endurance with a tough as nails mantel above. Easy climbing to finish.

Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.12b *** Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The variation out right of Air Mail, still incorporating 2 epic dynos!!

Sport Lake Lakit
5.10c *** Kamikaze

Everyone's favourite warm up. Climbs up the fun jugs, crimps and sidepulls to a short and fun crux up higher. If only it was longer...

Sport 12m, 5 Lake Lakit
5.13a *** Mullet Madness

Go up Moustache Stampede then go to the left at the end for a amazing extension and great rock

Sport Lake Lakit
5.12a * 007

Absolute rat shit (literally) all around the anchor and the mantel move to it. Yuck

Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.11b *** Bubble Wrap

This great route features the most bubbley sloppered jugs around that slowly make your forearms extremely fat! Enjoy the crux down low and then again at the last bolt! Classic

Sport 24m, 8 Lake Lakit
5.13a *** Napalm Sport 12 Lake Lakit
5.11b ** Hillbilly lovin in the hay

A lot of powerful climbing for 8m's. Contrived holds and pockets with the drill

Sport 8m, 4 Lake Lakit
5.11b ** Seppuku

Another contrived route. Stay directly on the bolt line that goes on the arête. If you are off the arête it's more like 10c/d up the face.

Sport 30m, 10 Lake Lakit
5.12b ** Bucktooth

Dyno, Big jugs, slopers another route that has everything

Start on Moustache Stampede then go to the right when you see the roof.

Sport Lake Lakit
5.13b *** N.O.C Agent Sport 8 Lake Lakit
5.11c ** Letter Bomb

The route right of Bubble Wrap. Same style except with smaller holds

Sport 8 Lake Lakit
5.13c ** Mission Impossible Sport 11 Lake Lakit
5.11a ** Giggin Frogs

A few fun techy, moves with bad feet get you into the huge flake. Watch the rat shit above

Sport 13m Lake Lakit
5.10d ** Body Count Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.10a * Sunny and Vert Sport Lake Lakit
5.10b * G.I Joe

Stiff for the grade but maybe it's time you get used to sloppers!

Sport 12m, 6 Lake Lakit
5.12c *** Air Mail

Check out the cool pictographs around this climb. Ancient rock art for sure! Probably the most sort out of 5.12 in the Columbias! And for good reason. Giant slopper jugs get you into a super cool powerful sequence. Have a quick shake on the traverse, then fire another Crux on awesome crimps. Pumpy for 13m's high! Named air mail for a reason, catch the big moves or take air!

Sport 13m, 6 Lake Lakit
5.13b ** The Mutiny Agent Sport Lake Lakit
5.10c * Going Postal

Try not to swear as you climb past terrible rock on good holds. Above the ledge attains better rock

Sport 8 Lake Lakit
5.10c * Trench Warfare Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.11b ** The Reach Around Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.12d ** Special Forces

Busts the roof above G.I Joe. Powerful!

Sport 9 Lake Lakit
5.10d ** Short Pants Sport 4 Lake Lakit
5.12b ** Shaken Not Stirred Sport Lake Lakit
5.12a ** The Righteous Redneck

Super fun technical climbing involving some sequential movement to a crux at the last bolt and a spicey finish.

Sport 8m, 4 Lake Lakit
5.10d *** Heat Seeker Sport Lake Lakit
5.12a *** Batman and the stroker Sport Lake Lakit
5.12d * Operation Dust muffin Sport 8 Lake Lakit
5.11c ** Lick it and Stick it Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.13c * Operation Dusty Forces Sport Lake Lakit
5.13d ** Redneck Rampage Sport 10 Lake Lakit
5.10c ** The Pony Express Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.12d * The dark side Sport Lake Lakit
5.11b *** Illicit Engagement Sport 21m, 11 Lake Lakit
5.12a The Mail Man's Your Daddy Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.8 * Undercover Agent

Climbs the fun flake of Illict engagement (3 bolts) then crosses into the top 3 bolts of Code Yellow. Great way to get up to the ledge for the beauty climbs above.

Sport 6 Lake Lakit
5.12d ** Skyman Sport 13 Lake Lakit
5.11d ** FedEx Sport 6 Lake Lakit
5.12b ** Lock it down

So the 3rd of 4th bolt has actually ripped out of the roof and doesn't exist anymore. Good work route builders

Sport Lake Lakit
5.11c ** Code Yellow Sport 6 Lake Lakit
5.11b ** Singing Telegram

Start as Return To Sender but head left after the 2nd bolt. Powerful pulls up a short steep wall. Pumpy finish to!

Sport 8 Lake Lakit
5.12d *** Pan Palm Sport Lake Lakit
5.10d ** Boot Scoot'n Boogie

Climb the crack. Really fun

Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.7 * Boot Camp Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.10d *** Prepaid Postage

Start as per Stick It In The Slot but branch left after the massive ledge. Stellar climbing up to an in your face crux! Classic

Sport 10 Lake Lakit
5.13a *** Code Red

This beauty route has everything. A fun flake into big moves on sloppers. A hard crux on a very tiny crimp, into more powerful climbing and a great, fun finish. A Lakit classic for sure

Sport 15m, 13 Lake Lakit
5.11d ** Return to Sender

Climbs the arête on very sloppered pockets and guess what, sloppers! . Has a few desperate moves right off the ledge and a lot of tension all the way to the next ledge! Finishes on the 5.11a next door. Watch the hard crux clip and keep some gas for the final crux above that clip. Pure power endurance and stiff AF for the grade

Sport 30m, 9 Lake Lakit
5.12a ** Illicit Red Sport Lake Lakit
5.13b ** Stompin Hippies Sport Lake Lakit
5.10b * Secret Agent Man Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.10c ** Stick it in the Slot

Take a walk through a forest of jugs and sloppered buckets until you set up camp on the massive ledge. In the morning enjoy the beauty crack (slot) to a sensational finish.

Sport 25m, 10 Lake Lakit
5.11d ** PANPAN

Balance and technique will get you up this great route. Watch out for the cheeky mantel !

Sport 6 Lake Lakit
5.11a ** More Postage Required

Awesome climbing on the right side of the Arête!

Sport 8 Lake Lakit
5.12c ** Full Metal Jacket Sport 5 Lake Lakit
5.13b Firewater

Start on moon shine then head out to right right after the roof!

Sport Lake Lakit
5.13a *** Imminent Mutiny Sport 6 Lake Lakit
5.11c ** C.O.D

A great technical climb with a good but tricky finish!

Sport 25m, 10 Lake Lakit
5.13a *** Mayday Sport 13 Lake Lakit
5.10d *** Check Your Box Sport Lake Lakit

Showing all 64 routes.