On any page in the top right corner you'll find the ubiquitious search box. Using the adjacent drop-down menu you can choose to search for:

  • Routes and areas all over the world
  • Routes and areas in the area you're currently visiting
  • Climbers

Advanced searchBack to contents

Click on the little funnel icon or the number of routes at the top of any page and search and filter by area, number of stars, grade and style. eg. At Nowra filter to all 3 star sport routes from grade 21-23 (see results).

You can also click on the number of ascents to run similar filtered searches (including by tick type, rating, etc).

Search directly in your browser from anywhere on the internetBack to contents

For the hardcore search fanatics you can setup theCrag as a custom search directly in your browser. Now finding a route will never be more than one click away!

IE7+Back to contents

Simply click the menu option next to the search icon and select 'Search theCrag'

Search theCrag in IE7+

FireFoxBack to contents

Simple click the menu drop down next to the search bar and select 'Search theCrag'

Search theCrag in Firefox

ChromeBack to contents

You don't have to do anything in chrome to get this to work, it sets it up for you the first time you visit

To use it just type into the search bar then press tab and type a search query.

Search theCrag in Firefox

Or to make it the default click the Spanner > Options, under Manage Search Engines find and click 'Make default'

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