Karma is both a way of theCrag recognising user contributions to the index and for you to establish your credentials in the climbing community.

Every time you contribute to the index, you are helping to build and improve this free online guide for the benefit of the whole climbing community.

Karma is also used to help establish editor permissions. Site admin will look at your karma when granting permissions and in some cases permissions is automated if you have sufficient Karma.

Karma points are added up across the index to give you a score for each area, up to the World level at the top of the index.

Crag ActivityBack to contents

Each crag contribution will add to your Karma points. You currently get points for the following:

Update Area Description 50
Update Route Description 30
Locate Node 30
Update Topo Route 30
Upload Photo 20
Make Topo 20
Register Route 15
Register Area 15
Merge Route 10
Reparent Node 10
Request Area Name Change 10
Update Route Details 10
Delete Area 10
Rename Area 10
Update Tag 10
Update Grade Contribution 10
Update Route History 10
Reparent Route 10
Delete Route 10
Locate Route 10
Register Node Link 10
Update Area Tag 10
Rename Route 10
Merge Area 10
Merge Node 10
Request Route Name Change 10
Reparent Area 10
Update Route Tag 10
Delete Node 10
Assign webcover 10
Resequence Area 10
Update Principle Grade 10
Update Area Type 10
Update Route URL Stub 5
Update Annotation 5
Update URL Stub 5
Update Star Contribution 5
Create Circuit 5
Update Area URL Stub 5
Add Public Comment 1
Start Public Discussion 1
Archive Node 1
Unarchive Node 1
Add Shortcut 1
Log Ascent 1

Account ActivityBack to contents

Account activiy karma is planned shortly. When implemented the following account activity will also generate karma:

Verify Email 50
Profile Description 20
Login 10
Upload Avatar 10
Followed By Account 5
Follow Account 1

A Few DetailsBack to contents

For a particular contribution type you will only get the points once for each node in the index. For example, if you upload more than one photo for a particular route you will get 20 points in total for all the photos you upload to that route.

More than one person can get points for contributions to a particular node in the index.

In order to help prevent people gaming the system Karma is not assigned immediately to your account, but put into a review queue. After about a week, it will be assigned to your account. During that week we may alter the amount of Karma that will be assigned.

While it is cool to do genuine updates to the database for the purposes of gaining Karma, it is not cool to make rubish updates. Luckily there is so much to do, nobody seems to be making rubish updates.

Please note that the algorithms are quite involved for assigning karma and because of this there may be cases that we accidently miss assigning karma. If this happens then please contact us so we can fix it for the future, but be aware that we will not be able to back date the karma even if you were entitled to it.

If you want to see how your contributions measure up there is a site wide Karma leaderboard.

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