Help is a project to collect and distribute climbing information to the climbing community. The site was founded in 1999 by Simon Dale and Campbell Gome, two Australian climbers. In 2010 Brendan Heywood joined the team bringing new skills, ideas and energy. See our vision on where this team wants to take

Our main aim is to collect and distribute climbing information for the benefit of rock climbers. Where possible we would like to do this for free. The development and ongoing operation of the site is personally funded by one of the site founders and our time is limited. To improve the service provided by we need help from the climbing community.

There are some general areas that we will need ongoing help, including:

  • Content

  • Publications

  • Projects

  • Sponsorship

PublicationsBack to contents

After a publisher has nominated to become part of the network, we may need to either cite the guidebook climbs or in some cases enter climb descriptions from the guidebook (only after permission has been granted to do this). In the past we have done this ourselves, but our time is too limited to continue operating in this way.

Please let us know if you are willing to help here.

ProjectsBack to contents

If you have any good ideas that you wish to persue for the site, then please let us know (see the Special Projects policy section for more details). If the idea meets our objectives then we can list it as a project and hopefully provide you support to complete the project.

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