Privacy Policy is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers. The following policy discusses how personal information received by will be dealt with.

As part of its member service may collect personal information, for example account name, email address and person's name.

Personal details (including email address) are not passed on to any third party unless requested by the user, required to by law or as the direct fulfilment of the offered service.

Website management reserves the right to send emails to its members. Unless otherwise agreed these emails will be limited to website notifications, service notifications and newsletters.

Membership cancellations must be requested in writing (email is fine).

Members may control the visibility of their account information to the general public, in particular a member may opt to have:

  1. a version of their home page visible to the public, a private network of members or not available; and
  2. their account listed in directories and other community initiatives.

The website uses Cookies. Site access will be restricted if your browser does not accept Cookies from The site's use of Cookies includes storing information required for your internet session with the website. Cookies are stored either for the duration of your Internet session or for a number of weeks. Cookies are used solely to deliver the service offered at and are not passed on to any third parties.

The site does not use a secure shell for login and therefore your login request will be transferred unencrypted over the public Internet before it is encoded on our site. It is therefore recommended that you use a different password from all your other passwords. Do NOT use your bank PIN or other important passwords. may use account information for deriving aggregate statistical information. For example, uses climb ticks of all accounts for deriving most popular climbs. may target internal services, commercial offers, or advertising based on account information. In such a case, will NOT transfer personal information, that identifies you, to any third party. (For example we may make a commercial offer to beginner climbers, on behalf of another organization, but we will NOT supply the details of who we made the offer to).

Submissions made to's services (eg database of climbs, forums) may be made publicly available.