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Why add a favorite cragBack to contents

You can add any region, crag or area as a favorite. Adding a favorite crag:

  • Makes it easier for you to navigate the index.
  • Allows you to keep in touch with what's going on at your favorite crags.
  • Helps us understand which crags are most popular and incorporate this into the design of the site.

How to add a favorite cragBack to contents

To mark a crag as a favorite just click on the star next to the crag's name.

This crag has not been marked as a favorite

Now this crag has been marked as a favorite

When you place your cursor over the 'My Account' tab, a customised drop-down menu will appear showing all your favorite crags.

Drop-down menu showing favorite crags

On your account page, your favorite crags are listed at the top of the column on the left. There are also links to RSS feeds of 'Ascents' and 'Updates' at your favorite crags.

Favorite crags and RSS feeds on your account page

To remove a favorite crag or change the order in which they appear, click on the 'Review shortcuts' link at the bottom of the list of favorite crags on your account page. Then choose either 'Resequence Shortcuts' or 'Remove Shortcut'.

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