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Vychodna Zeruchova Veza All trad climbing

4 routes in crag

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Grade Route
{UIAA} 5 ** Klima-Linhart, pilierem Trad 200m 4

FA: R.Klíma & J.Linhart, 1981


FA: M.Kúdela & I.Hrmo, 1996

FFA: Hrmo, 1996

{UIAA} 6 ** Cepelova cesta cez platnu Trad 150m 4

FA: P.Bednařík & Z.Čepela, 1970

{UIAA} 5 ** Cesta cez knihu Trad 150m 4

FA: T.Marec & B.Čiernik, 1985

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