Topo #6801 - Arial Overview - Eureka area

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Area Type
? The Lost World

Follow Jananginj Jawi track for 2km then follow cairned walking track until cairns run out then head left over the black slabs towards the tiered orange wall

Crag Unlink area
? Eureka Wall

Steve Monks had a verrrry good month in February 1991.

Crag Unlink area
? Eureka Towers

Approach as for 'Eureka Wall' and continue uphill for a further 10 minutes on a rough pad. routes are desribed from right-to-left.

Crag Unlink area
? The Red Sail

A stunning orange pillar east of and below "Eureka Wall" and clearly visible from the Jananginj Jawi track. A vague animal pad leads up to the cliff.

Crag Unlink area
? Hidden Buttress

This 45m high buttress is located up and right of The Lost World, directly behind a nice steep orange face (kind of looks like it should be part of that cliff from the road until you start walking up to it and realise it's separated). Climbing potential here is sadly limited however - but perhaps a little more development is available.

Cliff Unlink area

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