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Route Grade Popularity Style
25 American Pig"tales"
11 Sport 10m Unlink route
26 Moby Tick

4 U-Bolts, finish as for Scollops, or top out and use Scollops or AP anchors

15 Sport 11m Unlink route
27 * Scollops

Follows the line of fixed hangers on the black slab. Sharp and crispy. Possibly harder with a broken hold before the lower off.

18 Sport 11m, 3 Unlink route
28 ** Not Just a Pretty Face

Start of the block past 3 U's. A cam in the break can supplement the run out.

20 Sport 11m, 3 Unlink route
31 Crustaceans
15 Sport 7m Unlink route
32 Dugong
18 Unknown 9m Unlink route
33 Mermaid on a Rock
16 Sport 9m Unlink route
34 Sea Whores
19 Sport 10m Unlink route
36 * Hammerhead
20 Trad 10m Unlink route
37 White pointer
24 Sport 9m Unlink route
38 Wobbygong
22 Sport 10m Unlink route
39 * Grey Nurse

2m L of lobster trap up to horizontal then crack system to top. Down climb and traverse to LT lower offs

16 Unknown 10m Unlink route
40 Lobster Trap

Some loose rock.

14 Sport 7m Unlink route
41 ** Seaman Staines

The diagonal seam up the slab facing into the zawn. Bouldery start. TOp out into bitou bush

17 Unknown 10m Unlink route
42 Nautical Progeny
14 Trad 10m Unlink route
43 Cryptic Sailors
16 Trad 10m Unlink route
44 * Bearded Clam

Line of rings on the elevated platform. Best to stick clip first bolt.

18 Sport 10m, 2 Unlink route
46 Seafood Taco

finger crack to R of Bearded Clam

21 Trad 8m Unlink route

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