Karma leaderboard in North Cascade Mountains of climbers


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Rank Climber Karma
1 Chad Hoggard 1,955points
2 310points
3 rick 165points
4 David O'Donnell 151points
5 Alanou 120points
6 Lane Brown 38points
7 30points
8 Danny Darby 21points
9 Natalie Kay Williams 20points
10 @sketchedout 19points
11 Thomas Forrest Lannin 16points
11 Tom 16points
13 J Hart 15points
14 James Hardy 11points
14 Dave McGregor 11points
16 Francis X. Olding 10points
17 Michael Stanton 7points
18 Calio D 5points
18 Brandon Workman 5points
20 Mike Shappell 3points
20 esteban du pontier 3points
20 @vwfanatic96 3points
20 jay hack 3points
20 N. Nut 3points
20 @arennick 3points

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