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Karpathos is the 2nd largest and one of the most beautiful Dodecanese island in the Aegean Sea. It is well known for strong winds and windsurfing and has good touristic infrastructure. And it is perfect for climbing an is getting known as a 2nd Kalymnos. The rich mountainous terrain of Karpathos creates an impressive changing of landscapes, which enchants the visitor. In a short distance the landscape changes dramatically. Its rocky and green mountains always end up with a view of the deep blue and picturesque beaches of Karpathos. This is the main reason why Karpathos is considered the ideal island for hikers and climbers.

Website and guidebook: https://climbkarpathos.com

Overview map. Videos.


A secluded beach on the east coast of the island. It is the largest area with routes between 5c and 7c, easy access and short approaches, so kid friendly. Description and map.

Description and Map
Adia Pthinoporon
6c+ Berlusconi
6b+ Mr. Zico
5c+ When the Weels gone
5c Where is hot Water...
6a+ ... in the House under Construction
6a Sharp End
Adia Cheimon
7c Alfa Open Project


8a Omega Open Project


7b+ Joanis
6b+ Yen
6b+ Yan
7a+ Bella Luna
7b Nicos
7b Lonely Loner
6a+ Crazy Poles
6b Eksodhos Kindhinu
6b Gum
7a Guma
6c Arturo Torturo


Adia Theros


6a Pink Panther
6a Rudy Rubin
6b+ Karmen
6b+ Tango Milango
6b Zorba Korba
6b+ Spujnia
7a+ Granato
6c Banana
6a+ Michael Angello
6c Iwonka Super Girl
7b Super Man
7b Hard Massage
6c+ Slow Motion


Adia Eiar


6a All for Sale
6b+ Manola
6a+ Super Market
6c+ Ola Ola
5c Uncle Miner
4b Kinder
6a Rammstein
5c John Bolt Jovi
6c Uncle Pirate
7a Boys are Back in Town
6b Angela
6c Trooper
6b+ Piranha
6b+ Uncle Fish
6c+ Kate
7a Pearls
6c Ledgeland
7c Fucker
7a+ Superteacher
7b Styks
7a+ Hades
6c+ Nike
7b Nike Extension
7a My Artemida
7a First Steps without Mom
7b Princessa Domi
7b+ Baltica
7b+ Tati
7b He-Man
7b Can't Touch This
7a+ Jump Around
6c+ Taba
7b Jura Skalera
6b+ Berlin aka Fuck You
6c+ Romanian Dracula
6c 2xA
6c Thinking about Wife
7a+ High Five
6a+ Spring Cleaning
6a+ Spring Fall
6b Dinamica Lunaris
6c+ Fith Element
7a+ Missing Element
7a+ Hedgehog
7b Rubber Vagina
6b Stivie Wonder
4c Stivi McQueen
Windy Cave
Adia Windy Cave
7a Brown Sugar
7b Memori Patryk
6c Treasure Island
Adia Granatos
6a+ Pioneers Route

The only trad route on the whole island. Bolted belays pitch 1, 2 and 3. Standard rack.

Descent: Afterb finishing go left on the peakalong the gorge (sector "Eiar" on the other side). ftThe only trad route on the whole island. After 30min you reach the red hiking trail going down.

Descent 2: Rappelling from trees to the bolted belays of pitch 1, 2 and 3.

1+1+0+0+0 bolts. Topo see guidebook.

Chickens Bay

The bay is directly behind a very beautiful small pebble beach. It is ideal for a combined climbing / swimming trip. The difficulty of the routes is rather in the lower range. The protection is consistently very good with glued in bolts. After a day of climbing / swimming, there is the highly recommended tavern "Pine Tree" right at the beginning of the path. If you are looking for a room there, there is Sunset Studios. The owner is very nice and shows potential developers a few nice walls.

Adia Chickens Bay
West Side
4a NN1
4a NN2
5a Beautiful Fragkou
4c Chicken Hammer

Mostrando 1 - 100 de 495 nodos.

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