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Autor(es): Kimbrough Moore, Shannon Joslin, Leo Popovic

Fecha: 2022

número ISBN: 9798218007959

Edgewalker Entertainment:
A comprehensive guide to the greater Bay Area of California, Golden State Bouldering provides readers with info on the outdoor bouldering around San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz.
  • Describes 1,600 boulder problems with hundreds of color photos, maps, GPS coordinates and hand-drawn illustrations

Zonas: California

Autor(es): Tom Slater

Fecha: 2013

número ISBN: 9780982498811

From the center of the Golden State to the Mexican border, Southern California Rock Climbing highlights over 60 climbing areas to experience firsthand on the most epic rock-climbing road trip.

  • Divided into seven region-specific sections, this guide employs a combination of topos, maps, photos and detailed descriptions to get you to over 60 climbing areas
  • Areas covered include Joshua Tree, Tahquitz and Suicide, Riverside Quarry, New Jack City, Mount Woodson, Malibu Creek, Stoney Point, Gibraltar Rocks, and more

Zonas: Eastern California

Autor(es): Toby Evans

Fecha: 2021

número ISBN: 9781493045464

Hiking the State's 15 Peaks Over 14,000 Feet. Developed for every skill level, the FalconGuides Climbing California's Fourteeners lays out plans and logistics for making your climb a positive experience—no matter how many summits you've reached.
  • California's 15 peaks over 14,000 ft. are becoming more popular, and this book provides essential information for taking them on
  • Each mountain is broken down based on the technical skills needed so you know what to expect
  • Details for each climb include a list of recommended equipment, how to prepare for rapidly changing weather and trail conditions, and a general timeframe needed to summit

Zonas: California

Autor(es): John Harlin III

Fecha: 1996

número ISBN: 1-57540-028-6

Over 30 routes of all difficulties at Devils Tower, and 85 routes in Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore.

Zonas: United States

Autor(es): Randy Vogel

Fecha: 1993

número ISBN: 0-93461-62-5

Here are descriptions to 100s of the best rock climbing routes in southern California.

Zonas: California

Autor(es): Eric J. Horst

Fecha: 2001

número ISBN: 1-56044-812-1

From the granite peaks of Old Rag Mountain to the miles of glowing Nuttall Sandstone in the New River Gorge, the states of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia offer exciting and diverse climbing opportunities. Rock Climbing Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland describes more than 1200 routes at twenty-three different areas, from popular topropes at Great Falls to the 300-foot multipitch classics at Seneca Rocks.

Zonas: United States

Autor(es): Tim Toula

Fecha: 1995

número ISBN: 0-934641-35-8

Rock 'n' Road is the fundamental reference guide to climbing areas in North America. The rock climber's atlas, this completely revised and updated edition provides details on more than 2,400 climbing locales in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Zonas: United States

Autor(es): Steve Edwards

Fecha: 2000

número ISBN: 1-56044-687-0

From the sweeping walls of the Echo Cliffs to the awesome overhangs at the Owl Tor, from classic problems at Painted Cave to the vast boulderfields atop Pine Mountain, the many routes and boulder problems described in this book will appeal to a wide range of tastes and abilities. Rock Climbing Santa Barbara and Ventura provides first-hand information to more than 50 scenic and uncrowded climbing areas not to be left off your tick-list.

Zonas: California

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