Climbing Contests & Competitions on theCrag

theCrag Contests allows you to run fun contests, serious competitions or team events on a local basis, such as in your gym, a specific crag or even on a country or global basis.

The world's largest platform for rock climbing and bouldering offers you all you need, choose the area, a time-period, optional age and gender categories and one or multiple ranking criteria and start promoting your event. The scoring can be based on the following criteria:

  • height climbed
  • climbing volume (number of routes)
  • difficulty
  • climber performance rating (CPR)
  • 'hangman' (unlock a phrase by climbing certain routes, e.g. starting with a specific letter)
  • and more

theCrag Contests is not only an easy, fun and interactive way to create and manage climbing contests, it allows organisers like gyms and climbing camp owners to run climbing contests for climbers of all abilities with live leaderboards for any period of time and scoring according to one or multiple criteria. Leaderboards can be embedded on existing web-pages or be run directly from theCrag, ensuring instant and live results, guaranteeing an engaging event for all participants.

All contest options can be used for individual climbers or teams and the reporting can be done by the climbers themselves or by gym and contest administrators, avoiding the painful and slow processing of manually completed scorecards.

theCrag Contests is the perfect way to engage better with your customers, motivate climbers to come to your gym on low volume days or simply on a more regular basis, attract them to a specific crag or location or to support the launch of your latest product or brand store.

Here are some competition and leader board examples to give you an idea:

theCrag Contests is part of the Gym Solution by theCrag but is also available for climbing camps, clubs and other organisations. Contact Us if you want to organise a contest or a competition and we will guide you through the process.

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