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There are dozens of reasons and motivations for ticking routes and having a personal climbing logbook and even more ways to keep one. theCrag supports them all and leaves it up to you, how you configure and use it.

You might want a logbook to remember where and with whom you climbed, which routes you climbed in which style, how many tries it took you to finish your first route of a specific grade or maybe you just want to simply log your clean climbs in each style, not bothering about tries, unsuccessful attempts or warm-ups. Maybe you want a logbook to show your friends and sponsors your top performances or maybe you want to keep it private, just for you alone or to share only with your friends, one for outdoor, one for indoor - it doesn't matter. If you tick on theCrag you have all these choices and more.

I can't actually remember which routes I climbed last weekend, nor with whom, let alone last year. So I log everything here. Mostly I love to see my stats grow and compare them year by year. A hundred laps on this, two or three hundred laps on that, it's all there, including who belayed. And stuff like total meters climbed everywhere or at just one crag, numbers of unique routes, of a given style, or number of routes at a given grade. Plus I can see who else is doing what and what they said about it

John J. O'Brien Australia • Sport climber

Of course you might also be interested in statistics and your progress in climbing. This also comes for free on your profile page, including your Climber Performance Rating (CPR) in different climbing styles and - if you are interested - your related ranking.

Contrary to some other platforms, on theCrag ascents are logged against registered climbs ensuring that all the micro inputs provided combine to produce a robust community picture of a specific climb and climbing in an area.

So if you think your input and comments on routes and grades are valuable for others, provide them when you log your ascents and contribute with your experiences to the world's largest rock climbing and bouldering platform.

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First and foremost, you need an account on theCrag. If you haven't done so yet, click here to sign-up, it is free!


Once you have created an account you will be able to log your ascents (tick) and make use of all the functions provided by theCrag.

Join now and contribute for the sake of the whole climbing community.

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