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By now you have probably realised how important transparency and openness are for the team of theCrag. Offering the capability to import and export your logbook is just another proof of it and guarantees that you can do with your data whatever you want. Contrary to other online logbooks theCrag does not lock you in or make it hard to get your data out as there might be many reasons for you to do so. Anyways, it is good practice to have your data in more than one place and to not blindly rely on a single provider for years of your climbing history!

Some of the reasons you might consider for exporting your logbook from time to time are:

  • as a back-up of your ascent data
  • you might want to import your logbook to another tool with different features, even more fancy analytics, etc. (after all it's your data)
  • you are a climbing instructor and you need your logbook as evidence of recent climbing activity for e.g. maintaining certification

There are no restrictions on users exporting their logbook from theCrag. The feature allows exports in both, CSV and Excel formats. Using theCrag’s API you can even access your ascent data programmatically with third party tools.

To export using Excel or CSV formats:

  • Login to your dashboard on theCrag
  • Select 'Action -> Export logbook as XLS' or 'Action -> Select logbook as CSV' link.

The result opens up in your browser and it is all yours to deal with how you want.

Please note that the export/import process is not designed for updating ascents. If you want to update ascents then use the web forms.

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